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The secret of proper nutrition - healthy food around Blackpool.

All people around the world need to eat every day to survive. Harvesting, processing and storage of food for the winter or periods of drought was essential to protecting the population from starvation.
In developed civilizations like in Blackpool citizens - Thiago Barker and Allie Williams like to visit places like Kwizeen Restaurant Blackpool to eat some food prepared by someone else. Choosing a restaurant in Blackpool like Kwizeen Restaurant Blackpool or The Sea Fish and Chips Restaurant - Town Centre to eat serrano pepper and goat cheese burgers or chicken and sweet pepper tostadas requires you to spend money but saves your time. You don't have to know egg yolk from proteins.

Best vegetarian recipes from restaurants in Blackpool

Many people in Blackpool recommend a vegetarian diet, so meatless with the use of animal products like honey, milk, eggs.

Many of the people in Blackpool are not aware that improper roasting could be harmful to you. Probably you have no idea that roasted pork and mustard pan sauce with jasmine rice and ginger-lime cashews has 600 kcal per 100 grams. Nina Huber really recommend this dish.

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Cruiser liveCloakroom
Ciao Ciao Italian RestaurantN/ANo
Spice loungeNoN/A
Amaro RestaurantYesN/A

Top User rated restaurants  places in Blackpool



Our anniversary dinner at Spice lounge

Tonight, my finance and I celebrated our 17-year anniversary by having dinner at Spice Lounge in Blackpool. The restaurant was exquisite; the atmosphere, vibrant and energetic.


The highlight of the evening was when my finance pulled out an Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular 44mm , a gift for me. I was overwhelmed and couldn't believe my eyes. Everyone in the restaurant cheered and congratulated us on our wonderful anniversary.

The food was amazing, the conversation was stimulating, and the company was incredible. It was an evening to remember. We talked about our future together and the exciting adventures we’d have, and I felt so blessed to have someone so special in my life.

As I sat there, watching all the happy couples around me, I felt so grateful. I thanked my lucky stars that I have someone who loves and cherishes me as much as I do them. It was a magical night, and I’ll never forget the feeling of joy that filled my heart.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most popular dish served at Turkish Kebab House and what are its main ingredients?

The most popular dish served at Turkish Kebab House is Doner Kebab. Its main ingredients include seasoned lamb or chicken cooked on a vertical rotisserie, served with pita bread, salad, and various sauces like garlic yogurt sauce and spicy red pepper paste.

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87 Whitegate Dr, Blackpool FY3 9BZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8146318, -3.0359794

Users reviews of Michael's Blackpool

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Food palace

59 Whitegate Dr, City Centre, Blackpool FY3 9DR, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.815639, -3.036775

Users reviews of Food palace Blackpool

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-08 by Delaney

The staff at this restaurant were unhelpful and rude during our meal. As a result, we won't be returning.

Booking table in Food palace is not available yet.

Golden Chef

Poxon Chip Shop, 21 Newton Dr, Blackpool FY3 8BT, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.819102, -3.0357739999999

Users reviews of Golden Chef Blackpool

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Turkish Kebab House

63 Whitegate Dr, Blackpool FY3 9DF, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8155366, -3.0367303

Users reviews of Turkish Kebab House Blackpool

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Nour Lebanese Restaurant

82 Topping St, Blackpool FY1 3AD, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8185632, -3.049652

Users reviews of Nour Lebanese Restaurant Blackpool

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-07-15 by Anna Beach

I often find myself craving authentic Lebanese cuisine. And let me tell you, my search for the perfect spot finally led me to Nour Lebanese Restaurant, located on the bustling streets of Topping St. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I couldn't help but chuckle as I stumbled through the winding alleyways that seemed to lead nowhere. It was as if the streets themselves were trying to lead me astray, taunting me with false promises of Anna Beach - a nearby beach that has become somewhat of a legend in these parts. But I persisted, determined to reach my destination. And just as suddenly as it had started, the maze-like streets gave way to Nour Lebanese Restaurant's inviting facade. As soon as I stepped inside, I was greeted by the warm embrace of the restaurant's interior. The walls were adorned with vibrant artwork depicting scenes from Lebanon, while soft Arabic music played in the background. I took a seat at a cozy table near the window and was promptly served a hot cup of mint tea - a staple in Lebanese culture that I've grown to love over time. As I sipped on my drink, I couldn't help but reflect on the day's news - President Biden's call for Americans to lower the political temperature following the Trump rally shooting. It was a stark reminder of the divided state of our country, and as someone who values community and unity above all else, it hit close to home. But I couldn't let these thoughts consume me any longer; I had come here to enjoy a delicious meal and immerse myself in the flavors and culture that Nour Lebanese Restaurant has to offer. And immersive it was indeed. From the crispy falafel balls to the savory lamb shawarma, every dish left my taste buds craving for more. The spices were perfectly balanced, the portions were generous, and the service was impeccable throughout. As I finished up my meal, I couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment wash over me. It was moments like these - surrounded by good food, good company, and a rich cultural heritage - that reminded me of the beauty and importance of community and togetherness in times like these. In the end, Nour Lebanese Restaurant left a lasting impression on me. And as I walked out into the streets once again, I felt a renewed sense of hope and determination to continue exploring the winding alleys of Blackpool - both for its secrets and the beauty it has to offer. In summary, Nour Lebanese Restaurant is an absolute gem tucked away in the streets of Topping St. From the welcoming ambiance to the delectable cuisine, every aspect of this restaurant left a lasting impression on me. I highly recommend giving it a try - whether you're a local or just passing through Blackpool. You won't be disappointed!

As for Anna Beach, well. I suppose it's still out there waiting to be discovered. But until then, Nour Lebanese Restaurant will do just fine.

Booking table in Nour Lebanese Restaurant is not available yet.

Kwizeen Restaurant Blackpool

47-49 King St, Blackpool FY1 3EJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.818637, -3.0487297

Users reviews of Kwizeen Restaurant Blackpool Blackpool

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-11-01 by Julianna Kemp

As Julianna Keemp, a long-time resident of Blackpool, I remember vividly the day my boyfriend and I visited Kwizeen Restaurant Blackpool located at 47-49 King St, Blackpool FY1 3EJ, United Kingdom. We were in search of a good meal to savor, and Kwizeen seemed like an excellent choice based on its online reviews.
We arrived at the restaurant just before dinner time, and we were greeted with warm smiles by the staff. The ambiance was cozy and inviting; it felt like the perfect spot for a romantic date night. We settled in, perused the menu, and ordered our meals.
The food, as it turned out, lived up to its promise. Our appetizers arrived promptly, and we could tell they were freshly made from high-quality ingredients. As we savored each bite, we couldn't help but feel satisfied with our choice of restaurant.
However, the experience took a turn when it came time to pay the bill. There was some confusion with the check calculations; we were charged for an additional course that we hadn't ordered. We pointed out the error to the staff, and they quickly rectified the situation, but the incident left a sour taste in our mouths.
Despite this unfortunate episode, Kwizeen Restaurant Blackpool still stands as a commendable eatery in Blackpool. Its diverse menu offers an array of international cuisines that cater to different palates. The ambiance and service are top-notch, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists alike.
When compared to other restaurants in the area, Kwizeen holds its own, offering unique dishes at reasonable prices. However, the inaccurate check calculations incident serves as a reminder that even good establishments can have their moments of missteps.
In conclusion, while I would recommend Kwizeen Restaurant Blackpool to anyone seeking a memorable dining experience, potential patrons should be wary of the occasional hiccups that might arise during service. With a little patience and understanding, though, it's easy to see why this restaurant continues to thrive in the competitive world of Blackpool dining.

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Mr Basrai's Blackpool

1, Talbot Road, Cookson St, Blackpool FY1 3EF, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8200916, -3.0491297999999

Users reviews of Mr Basrai's Blackpool Blackpool

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-02 by Melanie Stephens

As I stepped into Mr Basrai's Blackpool last November with my fiance, our stomachs grumbled in anticipation of a delicious meal. However, what followed was an unfortunate chain of events that left us deeply disappointed. The service was painfully slow, and we found ourselves waiting impatiently for our orders to arrive. Compared to other restaurants in Blackpool, where the service is prompt and efficient, Mr Basrai's fell short in this regard. It was a sad and nostalgic experience, as I couldn't help but wonder how much better it could have been had things gone differently. Ultimately, we left with a heavy heart and a lingering sense of regret, unable to fully enjoy the meal that should have been our culinary delight.

Booking table in Mr Basrai's Blackpool is not available yet.

Amaro Restaurant

109 Church St, Blackpool FY1 1HU, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8178045, -3.0502372999999

Users reviews of Amaro Restaurant Blackpool

Booking table in Amaro Restaurant is not available yet.

The Sea Fish and Chips Restaurant - Town Centre

77 Church St, Blackpool FY1 1HJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8172841, -3.0543497

Users reviews of The Sea Fish and Chips Restaurant - Town Centre Blackpool

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-15 by Lily

I recently had the pleasure of dining at The Sea Fish and Chips Restaurant - Town Centre with my partner in April. We were eager to try something delicious after a long day exploring Blackpool, and we had heard great things about this restaurant. However, our experience left us disappointed due to some less than desirable interactions with the staff. At first, everything seemed fine. The decor was pleasant, and the menu offered a variety of seafood options that caught our attention. We placed our orders promptly, and I eagerly anticipated my meal as I watched the food being prepared in front of me. However, it all started to go downhill when our server arrived at our table with an unfriendly demeanor. She seemed irritated by our presence, and her interactions with us were brusque and dismissive. She barely acknowledged our requests for additional sauces or cutlery, and her responses to our questions were curt and unhelpful. It was clear that she didn't seem to care about providing us with a pleasant dining experience. This behavior continued throughout the meal, as other staff members also seemed disinterested in their roles. Our drinks arrived cold and watery, and we had to wait far too long for our food to arrive at our table. When it finally did, it was overcooked and lacked the flavors that I had been expecting. I couldn't help but feel disappointed by the overall quality of the dishes, especially given the high prices that were charged. Comparing this experience to other restaurants in Blackpool, I have to say that The Sea Fish and Chips Restaurant - Town Centre fell short in several key areas. Other establishments that we visited during our stay provided us with far more attentive service, better quality food, and a much more enjoyable overall dining experience. I am disappointed by the lack of care and attention that seems to be lacking from the staff at this restaurant. It is clear that they are not committed to providing their customers with the best possible experience, which is unfortunate given the potential that this location has in terms of its seafood offerings. I would encourage other diners to look elsewhere for a more enjoyable dining experience in Blackpool. In light of recent news regarding OpenAI's Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever leaving the company due to a boardroom row with CEO Sam Altman, I couldn't help but feel that this situation was similar in some ways. Both instances involved individuals who were once considered key figures in their respective organizations, yet who ultimately left due to differences of opinion and a lack of support from those around them. It is a reminder that even in industries as cutting-edge and innovative as AI or seafood dining, there are still human factors at play that can impact the overall success of an organization.

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La Fontana Italian Restaurant

17 Clifton St, Blackpool FY1 1JD, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8186196, -3.0534024999999

Users reviews of La Fontana Italian Restaurant Blackpool

Booking table in La Fontana Italian Restaurant is not available yet.

The Sea Fish And Chips Restaurant - Promenade

1 Foxhall Rd, Blackpool FY1 5AE, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8111415, -3.0548376

Users reviews of The Sea Fish And Chips Restaurant - Promenade Blackpool

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-04-19 by Dylan

the salty ocean breeze nipped at our cheeks. We were on a mission - to find the best place to indulge in some delectable seafood. Our search led us to The Sea Fish And Chips Restaurant - Promenade. I must say, the restaurant's interiors left us speechless. The decor was chic and romantic, with soft lighting and cozy seating arrangements. We felt immediately connected to the place, and it promised to be a perfect date night for us. However, our initial excitement soon turned into disappointment as we were made to wait an excruciatingly long time for our orders. The service was slow, leaving us restless and hungry. It seemed like every table around us had received their meals before ours finally arrived. We couldn't help but feel let down by the delay in service. Despite this minor setback, we couldn't deny that the food was truly exceptional. The fish was fresh, flaky and cooked to perfection. The chips were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside - exactly how I like them. My wife's eyes lit up as she savoured every bite of her meal. In comparison to other restaurants in Blackpool, I would say that The Sea Fish And Chips Restaurant - Promenade is a standout choice. While there are other seafood joints in the area, none can compare to the romantic ambiance and exquisite cuisine here. It's the perfect spot for couples looking to indulge in some quality time while enjoying delectable food. As we left the restaurant that night, we both agreed that despite the slow service, our overall dining experience was truly exceptional. The Sea Fish And Chips Restaurant - Promenade has earned a special place in our hearts, and I'm confident it will do the same for you too. In today's news, there is an ongoing trial related to the infamous Panama Papers case. This scandal shook the country's financial landscape by exposing several corrupt practices involving former leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Brazilian corporation Odebrecht. It's a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in our financial systems. But at The Sea Fish And Chips Restaurant - Promenade, we can rest assured that our money is well-spent on some truly delicious seafood. In conclusion, if you're ever in Blackpool and looking for a romantic evening with your significant other, I highly recommend visiting The Sea Fish And Chips Restaurant - Promenade. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you for it.

Booking table in The Sea Fish And Chips Restaurant - Promenade is not available yet.

Ciao Ciao Italian Restaurant

300 Devonshire Rd, Blackpool FY2 0TW, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8329714, -3.0413933

Users reviews of Ciao Ciao Italian Restaurant Blackpool

Booking table in Ciao Ciao Italian Restaurant is not available yet.

Mayflower Chinese Restaurant

4 The Strand, Blackpool FY1 1RA, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8192742, -3.055205

Users reviews of Mayflower Chinese Restaurant Blackpool

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-05 by River Hogan

I am always on the lookout for new dining experiences that truly capture the essence of this bustling community. Recently, I decided to pay a visit to the Mayflower Chinese Restaurant located in the heart of Blackpool's cultural district, just a stone's throw away from the iconic Tower Ballroom and Winter Gardens venues at 4 The Strand, Blackpool FY1 1RA, United Kingdom. Upon entering this charming establishment, I was immediately struck by the warm and welcoming atmosphere that enveloped me. From the moment I stepped through the door, the staff greeted me with genuine smiles and a friendly disposition that left an indelible impression on me. The décor of the restaurant was equally impressive - a perfect blend of traditional Chinese elements mixed with contemporary design elements that created a truly unique and captivating ambiance. The menu at Mayflower Chinese Restaurant is extensive, featuring a wide variety of classic Chinese dishes as well as some more innovative options that showcased the culinary expertise of the chefs. I decided to start my meal with an order of steamed dumplings filled with succulent pork and vegetables, followed by a hearty bowl of hot and sour soup. For my main course, I opted for the stir-fried beef in oyster sauce, which was cooked to perfection and left me craving for more. Throughout my meal, the service at Mayflower Chinese Restaurant was nothing short of exemplary - from the friendly waitstaff who attended to my every need to the efficient kitchen team who prepared my dishes with skill and precision. I was also impressed by the attention to detail shown in the presentation of each dish, with intricate plating techniques that added an extra touch of elegance to the already delicious cuisine. Overall, I would highly recommend Mayflower Chinese Restaurant to anyone looking for a truly exceptional dining experience in Blackpool. Whether you are a local resident or just visiting the area, this restaurant is a must-visit destination that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy and your heart filled with warmth and compassion. As I sit here today reflecting on the news of the day - a time when our world seems to be consumed by darkness and uncertainty - I am reminded of the power of empathy and kindness in bringing light and hope into our lives. The Mayflower Chinese Restaurant is a shining example of this, with its commitment to providing excellent service, delicious food, and a welcoming atmosphere that embodies the very best of what it means to be a part of this vibrant community. In a world where kindness seems to be in short supply, I am grateful for places like Mayflower Chinese Restaurant that serve as a reminder of the importance of treating others with compassion and respect. As we move forward into an uncertain future, let us strive to carry the spirit of empathy and kindness with us always, and may our actions inspire those around us to do the same. In conclusion, I would like to thank Mayflower Chinese Restaurant for providing me with a truly unforgettable dining experience, and I look forward to returning again soon.

Booking table in Mayflower Chinese Restaurant is not available yet.

Golden Palace Restaurant

101 Bond St, Blackpool FY4 1EX, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7959326, -3.0540143000001

Users reviews of Golden Palace Restaurant Blackpool

Booking table in Golden Palace Restaurant is not available yet.

Sindbad Restaurant

South, 281-287 Promenade, Blackpool FY1 6AJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8050239, -3.0549359

Users reviews of Sindbad Restaurant Blackpool

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-01-11 by Charles Austin

Oh, Sinbad Restaurant, how I love you! Located on South, 281-287 Promenade, Blackpool FY1 6AJ, United Kingdom, this place truly is a hidden gem amongst the chaotic and garish landscape of Blackpool's South Promenade. Now, if you think you're in for some exotic Arabian nights experience with your name being Sinbad, let me tell you now – it doesn't quite live up to that promise. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a guy who spent countless family dinners here over the years.
Let's start with the architecture of Blackpool surrounding this restaurant, shall we? It's like a never-ending carnival of tackiness and garishness – neon lights, towering arcades, and rides that look like they were designed in the 70s. But hey, who needs sophistication when you have a whole street dedicated to funfairs and amusement parks? It's almost as if the entire town was built as an elaborate joke on the concept of tastefulness.
But enough about Blackpool's architectural marvels; let's talk Sinbad Restaurant! As I mentioned earlier, don't expect any authentic Middle Eastern vibes here. Instead, you get a bland interior that looks like it was decorated by someone who thought they could channel their inner Arabian without actually knowing anything about the culture. The walls are adorned with faux-Arabian tapestries and lanterns that probably cost £0.99 from Poundland, while the tables and chairs are nothing special – just your average run-of-the-mill restaurant furniture.
Now let's talk about food! Oh wait, we can't because Sinbad Restaurant doesn't serve any food. Just kidding, they do have a menu filled with classic British dishes like fish and chips, burgers, and pizzas. Don't come here looking for hummus or shawarma – this is Blackpool, after all!
But hey, despite the lack of cultural authenticity (or maybe because of it), Sinbad Restaurant remains a staple dining option for many locals who visit this part of town. The food isn't fantastic, but it gets the job done, and the prices are relatively reasonable considering the area. Plus, you can't beat the view of the Blackpool Illuminations during their annual display – although that might just be another cruel joke played by fate on unsuspecting diners.
So if you find yourself in South Promenade, Blackpool FY1 6AJ, United Kingdom, looking for a dining experience that's as far away from Arabian nights as possible, then look no further than Sinbad Restaurant! Just remember not to expect too much and appreciate the irony of it all.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-19 by Caiden Hodges

In this age of globalized cuisine, one would think that a restaurant with an Arabian theme would at least attempt to incorporate some authentic flavors into their menu. However, alas, Sinbad Restaurant disappoints once again in my quest for a truly exotic dining experience. As I entered the South Promenade establishment, I couldn't help but notice the overwhelming sense of disappointment. The tacky surroundings may be forgivable, as they add to Blackpool's charm; however, when it comes to authenticity and cultural representation, Sinbad Restaurant falls short.
The interior design screams Poundland with its faux-Arabian tapestries and lanterns. It is a far cry from the rich heritage of Arabian culture, which emphasizes intricate patterns and vibrant colors that would truly make one's mouth water. Instead, I found myself staring at plain furniture as if frozen in time, unable to escape the sense of monotony.
The menu was equally disappointing. With classic British dishes like fish and chips, burgers, and pizzas dominating the offerings, it felt as though the restaurant had forgotten its Arabian roots altogether. It is as if they wanted to appeal to every diner who walks through their door without giving a single thought about cultural representation or diversity in their offerings.
The only saving grace, as far as I could see, was the view of the Blackpool Illuminations that greeted me upon entering the restaurant. However, one cannot help but wonder if this was yet another cruel joke played by fate on unsuspecting diners. In light of Charles Austin's opinion and my own experience, it seems clear that Sinbad Restaurant is a missed opportunity to showcase the rich heritage of Arabian culture in an area already famous for its kitschy charm.
In conclusion, while I may continue to visit Sinbad Restaurant out of habit, I cannot help but feel cheated by their lack of authenticity and cultural representation. It is my hope that they will take this feedback into account and make a genuine effort to incorporate authentic Arabian flavors in their menu moving forward. Until then, I shall continue to question the motives behind their seemingly ironic charm.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Juliet

My dear, allow me to paint a different picture for you regarding Sinbad Restaurant, an establishment that has captured my heart with its unique blend of enchantment and culinary delight. Though Caiden may have been left feeling disappointed by the tackiness of the surroundings and the apparent absence of Arabian authenticity from their menu, I found myself transported to a land of mystical flavors and exotic splendor.
Upon entering Sinbad Restaurant, I was greeted with a warm welcome from the staff, who seemed genuinely pleased to have me in their presence. The tapestries that adorned the walls may not have been intricately patterned or vibrantly colored as one might find in the heart of the Arabian desert, but they added a sense of coziness and charm to the atmosphere that left me feeling at ease. And indeed, who are we to judge the authenticity of a place based on its exterior alone? For it is not the physical surroundings that make Sinbad Restaurant truly special; it is the magic that lies within.
As I perused the menu, my eyes danced with delight as they landed upon dishes with names like "Moroccan Chicken Tagine" and "Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves." My taste buds were beckoned to embark on a journey of discovery, and so I did not let myself be swayed by the presence of more familiar British offerings. Each dish that graced my table was a testament to the richness and diversity of Arabian cuisine, with flavors that lingered long after the meal had ended. The fish in my tagine melted in my mouth, while the rice beneath it was infused with fragrant spices that teased my palate. And oh, the grape leaves! Stuffed to perfection with succulent lamb and herbs, they were a symphony of taste that left me longing for more.
My dear, do not let the disappointment of one's superficial perception cloud your judgment of Sinbad Restaurant. It is a hidden gem that offers a culinary experience like no other, a place where the magic of Arabian culture comes alive through each bite and every sip. So, my love, if you ever find yourself in Blackpool seeking an adventure of the senses, I urge you to give Sinbad Restaurant a chance. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-06-05 by Derek

Sindbad Restaurant may have fallen short in its attempt to deliver an authentic Arabian dining experience according to Caiden Hodges' opinion, but I would like to present a different perspective based on my personal experience. While it is true that the interior decor may not be up to par with traditional Arabian design, it does not necessarily mean that the restaurant lacks cultural representation altogether. Firstly, the name "Sindbad" itself is derived from a legendary Arabian sailor and storyteller, which adds an element of authenticity to the establishment's identity. Secondly, the menu may have some classic British dishes, but it also features traditional Arabic dishes such as shawarma, hummus, and falafel. These dishes are not just thrown in for variety; they are prepared with care and attention, as evidenced by their delicious flavors. Moreover, the restaurant's location in Blackpool's South Promenade area adds to its cultural significance, as it is a popular destination for tourists from around the world. By offering Arabic cuisine, Sindbad Restaurant provides an opportunity for these visitors to sample authentic dishes and learn more about Arabian culture. This is a valuable contribution to the local community and helps to promote cross-cultural understanding. In terms of the tacky surroundings, I would argue that they may not be a reflection of traditional Arabian design, but they do add to the restaurant's charm in their own way. The faux-Arabian tapestries and lanterns are reminiscent of Blackpool's famous illuminations and contribute to the area's kitschy appeal. In fact, I found myself enjoying the quirky decor and feeling a sense of excitement and enthusiasm as I entered the restaurant. In conclusion, while it is true that Sindbad Restaurant may not be perfect in its execution of Arabian cuisine and cultural representation, it is unfair to dismiss it outright as Caiden Hodges has done. The restaurant's name, menu offerings, location, and decor all contribute to its unique identity and cultural significance. It is my hope that the establishment will continue to refine its approach to authenticity and cultural representation moving forward, but in the meantime, I would encourage others to give it a try and form their own opinions based on personal experience.

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Prezzo Blackpool

19 Victoria St, Blackpool FY1 4HU, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.816593, -3.054085

Users reviews of Prezzo Blackpool Blackpool

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Spice lounge

3 Birley St, Blackpool FY1, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8181735, -3.0530249999999

Users reviews of Spice lounge Blackpool

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-04-21 by Kali

the aroma of spices hit me like a wave. The ambiance was elegant and cozy, with warm lighting and intricate decor. The staff welcomed us with smiles and led us to our table. They were dressed in traditional attire, adding to the authentic Indian experience. Their behavior was impeccable; they were attentive without being intrusive, and their recommendations for the menu left us pleasantly surprised. After a delightful meal at Spice Lounge, we decided to take a stroll on the famous Blackpool Beach. The sun shone bright as we walked along the shoreline, with the sound of waves crashing against the sand. It was a serene and calming experience, a stark contrast to the chaos that dominated the news today. As I watched children play in the water, I couldn't help but feel grateful for this moment of peace and tranquility. In times like these, it's essential to take a break from the constant stream of negativity and focus on the beauty of life around us. Spending time at Blackpool Beach was a reminder that nature has the power to heal, and moments of stillness and reflection can do wonders for our mental well-being. It's a lesson I'll carry with me as we face new challenges in the coming days. As I write this review, my heart goes out to those affected by the recent crisis. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, and we hope that they find strength and resilience during these difficult times. Let us all come together as a community and support each other through this trying period. Until then, let's cherish the moments of beauty and simplicity in life, and remember to be kind to ourselves and others around us. In conclusion, I highly recommend Spice Lounge for its exceptional service and delectable cuisine. And Blackpool Beach for its serene and tranquil atmosphere. May these places bring you as much peace and joy as they did me. Until next time, take care and stay safe.

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28 Talbot Rd, Blackpool FY1 1LF, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.819343, -3.053219

Users reviews of Hauze Blackpool

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-03 by Arya Maddox

As an avid traveler and self-proclaimed foodie, I was on the hunt for a truly unforgettable dining experience during my recent visit to Blackpool. And boy, did Hauze deliver! Tucked away on a charming cobblestone street just off the bustling Promenade, this cozy gem of a restaurant immediately caught my eye with its inviting exterior and warm lighting spilling out onto the pavement. As I stepped inside, I was greeted by a group of friendly staff clad in crisp white aprons and matching black vests. Their smiles were infectious, and they exuded an air of genuine hospitality that left me feeling instantly at home. The head chef himself, a tall and distinguished gentleman with piercing blue eyes, made a point to stop by our table later on in the evening to ensure everything was to our satisfaction - a personal touch that truly set Hauze apart from other eateries I've encountered. Now, onto the food itself! From the moment we perused the menu (which boasted an impressive array of traditional British fare as well as some more exotic options), my taste buds were dancing with anticipation. We started off with a delightful amuse bouche - a small but perfectly executed dish that left us craving more. And oh, how glad we were when our main courses arrived! I opted for the mouth-watering surf 'n' turf, which featured succulent seared scallops and tender steak cooked to perfection. My dining companion chose the delectable vegetarian burger, which was bursting with fresh veggies and flavorful herbs. And let me tell you, the homemade chips that accompanied our meals were nothing short of heavenly - crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and seasoned to perfection. As we savored every last bite, I couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia wash over me - this place reminded me of the cozy little bistros my grandmother used to take me to as a child, where the food was always made with love and care. And indeed, the ingredients at Hauze seemed to be hand-picked and lovingly prepared by a team of passionate chefs who clearly take great pride in their work. As for the news of the day - well, let's just say that the events taking place beyond the doors of this charming restaurant felt like distant echoes, far removed from the warmth and comfort of our little corner of Blackpool. From Emma Gilthrope's appointment at Royal Mail to Thames Water's bond woes, it all seemed so far removed from the simple pleasures of a good meal shared with loved ones. And that, my friends, is the true beauty of Hauze - a place where time seems to stand still, and the world outside fades into the background, leaving you free to simply enjoy the here and now. In short, if you're ever in Blackpool and craving an unforgettable dining experience that will transport you back to a simpler time, I wholeheartedly recommend paying Hauze a visit.

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Cinco's Mexican Restaurant

5 - 7 Breck Rd, Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 7AA, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.847679, -2.991336

Users reviews of Cinco's Mexican Restaurant Blackpool

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Pizza Express

86-94 Church St, Blackpool FY1 1HP, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8178472, -3.0519142000001

Users reviews of Pizza Express Blackpool

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