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The tradition of eating out

For many years, the culture of eating out in the city was associated primarily with the West.

It is from American movies that we know the morning practice of grabbing a bagel and coffee from a small cafe near the house before going to work or going to lunch during a break from the next office tasks.

However, we can observe this custom more and more often in Europe as well. One study of European restaurant practices found that 75% found going out to a pub a great excuse to spend time with friends.

Interestingly, Nielsen's research shows that the British are at the forefront of eating out in Europe

. The study includes meals in restaurants, but also ready-made kits that we can buy in the store and reheat. 80% of UK residents give up eating at home several times a month in favor of eating from a pub.

Weekend trips to restaurants with family or friends have become the norm. Pubs have become just as attractive a way of spending free time as the cinema or theater. The more that the market is developing strongly.

In addition to the entire range of fast food, we have more and more access to interesting restaurants that reveal the flavors and cultures from around the globe.

From Italian pizzerias, through Balkan specialties to Asian, spicy flavors. During the week, many people decide to eat a tasty breakfast or grab a take-out meal quickly.

The more that many restaurants have great lunch offers on the menu that will not exhaust our pockets, but will satisfy our hunger and taste buds.

Top restaurants worldwide

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Situation of the catering sector after the pandemic - 2021

In most countries of the world, restaurants are already open, which makes their owners very happy.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to celebrate.

The coronavirus pandemic meant that many very popular and good restaurants did not withstand the mandatory lockdown and were permanently closed.

The owners of these facilities were forced to change their occupation because they no longer had the resources to maintain their closed restaurants which generate significant fixed costs.

Such costs include rents for renting premises, salaries for employees, local taxes and costs of utilities (electricity, water, heating) is very high and can not be compensated by any governmental help or stimulus packages.

When we take into consideration the associated costs of cleaning equipment, garbage, and other facilities, as well as the costs of providing and cleaning the foodstuffs at the premises during the course of closure.

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The impact of lockdown on restaurant income

The overall impact as the result of pandemic,on food sector economy is huge.

It was the case that the facilities which had been closed were often in good repair, and their residents, who were also the workers employed at them, were well paid by employers who had the capacity and will to invest in their well bequests.

The situation is not as dire as in India where the government has taken a very stern stance against the proliferation of such illegal enterprises which are essentially commercialised, but which still exist in a very poor state. sacrificer

One can only imagine the extent of the losses and hardships which would befall the poor if the state was unable to ensure safety and health of all the people employed as cooks or other personnel in such establishments.

The state and the private sector have been unable, in all fairness, to take any effective and immediate action.

The government, the private sector, the civil society organizations and those interested in promoting better food security have all been largely unresponsive to the situation.

It cannot be denied that in the context of the United States economy the situation is quite difficult and the country is in for a very difficult time.  

Many poor families, particularly children and the pregnant and nursing pregnant, would not have the means to support their family, and the very real financial burden which would have to be borne by these families and would be borne by the state would become the real hurdle to overcome.

A number of initiatives have been launched since then, but we are not close to being able to meet the needs of the people and to provide them with adequate food on which to live and to work with dignity.

If the food supply system continues to be compromised and if the government does not take a strong and concerted policy towards food security and welfare, the state will be exposed to the real cost of the food crisis.

In this sense, a food security plan is an opportunity for the government to come to the people's aid if it must by means of action in a holistic and coordinated way, but I think it has to be done and will take some time.

I don't know the details yet, but I have been trying hard to do so because food security is a fundamental issue in our society. sacrificer

As the situation in this country and around the world is a matter of such dire relevance, I believe that all stakeholders including those with vested interests have an interest in making these plans work smoothly and effectively.

I am not so optimistic about the prospects for successful negotiations, or if a deal is reached, the implementation of any agreement is likely to be very short-term and there has been a general reluctance on the part of most people to engage in such negotiations at all.

One of the first steps has to be to provide adequate funding and to secure a long-term plan and an effective management system which is to be carried out by professionals, rather than merely as a means of satisfying the whims of the government.

Some of the government officials seem reluctant to take the lead in tackling the problem.

I am quite happy if the Government of United States and Canada takes the lead on this one, but I would be very interested in seeing what it does with the resources available for such an issue and what it can do at home to make things much better and to provide a more sustainable approach on sustainable growth.

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