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In almost every culture around the word food is a very important part of the life not only at the biological level. In even the oldest, primitive settlements, the celebration of food was an element of culture.
Today, in places with a high level of development like here in Luton people instead of dealing with their own food products - they use the restaurant. Luton has many restaurants because this is the sign of well developed society. Here you can find for example Al Frango's at 14 Wellington St, Luton LU1 2QH, United Kingdom and visit it like Avery Harrell prevoius week.

You have to remember that improper food or nutrition could be danger to your health. Even the processing of food has a fundamental meaning. Probably you have no idea that moroccan lamb and beef pitas with roasted squash and garlic rice has 460 kcal per 100 grams. Edward Singleton really recommend this dish.

Popular restaurants in Luton

CloakroomTable and chairs for childrenPick up on the phone
La Steak ParisienNoYesN/A
The Red ChilliN/AN/ANo
Jimmy's RestaurantsNoNoYes
How ChaN/AYesNo

Greenfields Restaurant

11G The Gallery, Luton LU1 2TW, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8792504, -0.41300490000003

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How Cha

34 Chapel St, Luton LU1 2SE, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8772895, -0.41630129999999

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Nakorn Thai Restaurant

45 Wellington St, Luton LU1 2QH, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8783971, -0.41863009999997

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Jimmy's Restaurants

The Mall, 206-208 St Georges Square, Luton LU1 2TL, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8802482, -0.41731800000002

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Raj Indian Restaurant Luton

37 Adelaide St, Luton LU1 5BD, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8776954, -0.42088990000002

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La Beci

47-53 Bute St, Luton LU1 2EP, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.880566, -0.41518199999996

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Al-Quds Arabic and Palestinian Restaurant

27 New Bedford Rd, Luton LU1 1SE, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8825387, -0.41945829999997

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The Galaxy Centre, Bridge St, Luton LU1 2NB, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.881614, -0.41752670000005

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La Steak Parisien

78 Wellington St, Luton LU1 5AA, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8778291, -0.41955919999998

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Booking table in La Steak Parisien is not available yet.

The Red Chilli

96-104 Wellington St, Luton LU1 5AF, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8774396, -0.42008250000003

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Pizza Inn

33-39 Manchester St, Luton LU1 2QG, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8808425, -0.41824710000003

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La Trattoria

66 Bute St, Luton LU1 2EY, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8811657, -0.41412230000003

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Luton Kebab House

51 Guildford St, Luton LU1 2NJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.880775, -0.41458899999998

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Irmak Grill

28A Chapel St, Luton LU1 2SE, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8773932, -0.41623200000004

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Al Frango's

14 Wellington St, Luton LU1 2QH, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8791707, -0.41793240000004

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2 Liverpool Rd, Luton LU1 1RS, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8818283, -0.42126440000004

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19 Crawley Rd, Luton LU1 1HX, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8833895, -0.42157959999997

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Polska Restauracja U GRUBEGO

21 King St, Luton LU1 2DW, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8784179, -0.417191

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160 The Mall Arndale, Luton LU1 2TJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8796422, -0.41608910000002

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Booking table in Greggs is not available yet.

Domino's Pizza - Luton - Central

Crystal House, New Bedford Rd, Bedfordshire, Luton LU1 1HS, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8829329, -0.42004929999996

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