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For humans eating food is not only a physiological need - it is something more. Food has always been treated with due respect for its importance for survival. Here in Toulon which is a high developed settlement people spend their time in places like Restaurant Les Têtes d'Ail to celebrate special occasions. Not everybody wants to deal with preparing food so if you want to try something new like melted leek and fontina focaccia pizzas or italian meatloaf you can choose Restaurant Les Têtes d'Ail at 22 Rue des Bonnetières, 83000 Toulon, France.

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Healthy diet, low fat diet excluding red meat and junk food will allow you to achieve measurable health benefits.

Many of the people in Toulon are not aware that improper grinding the dough could be harmful to you. Probably you have no idea that mushroom and cabbage dumplings with romano bean, eggplant and summer pepper salad has 90 kcal per 100 grams. Amaya Graves really recommend this dish.

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Restaurant la placeN/AN/AN/A
La Tete A TotoYesNoYes
Carré 2 VigneN/AN/ANo
La Belle VieN/AN/AYes

Best Indian Food Restaurants in Toulon, France

1. Kamala Restaurant

If you're looking for authentic Indian flavors in Toulon, Kamala Restaurant is your go-to place. The restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes, from classic curries to tandoori specialties. All ingredients are sourced fresh from local markets, and the chefs use traditional Indian spices to create a layered depth of flavor in each dish. The ambiance at Kamala is intimate and cozy, making it a perfect spot for a romantic night out or a family dinner.

2. Bombay Restaurant

Bombay Restaurant is regarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in Toulon. With an extensive menu and excellent service, this restaurant offers a perfect dining experience for everyone. Whether you're vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you'll find plenty of options to choose from. Bombay Restaurant is also known for its fresh ingredients, aromatic spices, and authentic cooking techniques. With its warm and welcoming ambiance, you'll definitely want to come back for more.

3. Le Rajasthan

Le Rajasthan is another popular Indian restaurant in Toulon that is known for its high-quality food and service. The chefs at this restaurant use only the freshest ingredients to create delicious dishes that are bursting with exotic flavors. The menu features a range of traditional Indian dishes, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The ambiance of Le Rajasthan is modern and trendy, making it a great spot for a casual night out with friends.

4. Le Nid D'Orient

Le Nid D'Orient is a charming little restaurant that serves some of the best Indian food in Toulon. The menu is extensive and features several classic Indian dishes that are expertly prepared by the chefs. The restaurant sources its ingredients from local markets, ensuring that every dish is made with fresh produce. The ambiance at Le Nid D'Orient is cozy, with warm lighting and comfortable seating.

5. Le Masala Kitchen

Le Masala Kitchen is a modern and stylish Indian restaurant located in the heart of Toulon. The chefs at this restaurant are passionate about creating innovative dishes that are inspired by traditional Indian recipes. Using only the finest ingredients, Le Masala Kitchen offers a range of vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian options that are bursting with flavor. The atmosphere of the restaurant is sophisticated and chic, making it a top choice for a special dinner or a business meeting.

In conclusion, Toulon offers a variety of choices when it comes to Indian cuisine. From traditional to modern, these restaurants offer the best of Indian flavors and delicacies. Whether you're a local or a visitor, these restaurants are worth a try for a satisfying dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does our establishment source its ingredients and maintain the highest quality standards for French cuisine?

Our establishment sources its ingredients from trusted local suppliers, ensuring that only the freshest and finest products are used in our French cuisine. We maintain the highest quality standards by carefully selecting our suppliers, regularly inspecting the ingredients to ensure they meet our high-quality expectations, and working closely with them to continuously improve their products. Additionally, we have a rigorous process of selecting, storing, and preparing ingredients to guarantee that our dishes are always made with top-notch ingredients and skillful techniques.

What is the unique feature of our signature dish, Himalayan Buddha Curry, and where does it get its distinct flavor?

The unique feature of our signature dish, Himalayan Buddha Curry, is that it combines the rich flavors and aromas of traditional Tibetan cuisine with the warmth and comfort of Indian curries. It gets its distinct flavor from a blend of spices including turmeric, cumin, coriander, and ginger, along with the use of yak butter, which gives it a creamy and slightly nutty taste. Additionally, the use of fresh vegetables and a variety of herbs, such as cilantro and dill, adds to the complex and delicious flavor profile of this dish.

What is the history behind the original Le Grand Café de la Rade and its significance in the culinary landscape of Toulon?

The original Le Grand Café de la Rade, also known as Le Grand Café des Navigateurs, was a popular meeting place for sailors, merchants, and other travelers passing through Toulon's bustling harbor. Established in the early 19th century, it became a social hub where people could enjoy coffee, drinks, and meals while exchanging news and stories from their travels.
The café was known for its delicious local cuisine, particularly seafood dishes that reflected the maritime culture of Toulon. It also offered a variety of other dishes, such as soups, salads, and pastries, all prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from nearby markets.
During World War II, Le Grand Café de la Rade played a significant role in the French Resistance movement. It served as a clandestine meeting place for resistance fighters who planned operations against the occupying German forces. After the war, the café continued to operate and remained an important part of Toulon's culinary scene until it closed its doors in 2019 due to financial difficulties.
Today, while the original Le Grand Café de la Rade no longer exists, its legacy lives on through the many other cafés and restaurants that continue to serve delicious food and drinks along Toulon's waterfront. The café's history as a gathering place for sailors and travelers has made it an enduring symbol of Toulon's rich maritime heritage and its contributions to the culinary landscape of the region.

What is the significance of the name "La Surprise" for your restaurant and how does it reflect the culinary experience you aim to provide?

La Surprise means 'The Surprise' in French, which reflects the element of surprise we aim to bring to our diners with every dish. Our menu features a variety of unexpected flavor combinations and innovative twists on traditional dishes, all crafted with the finest ingredients and presented with flair. We believe that dining should be an adventure for the senses, and La Surprise is our way of inviting guests on a culinary journey they won't soon forget.

Recommended places in Toulon

Restaurant Le Marais

Rue Paul Lendrin, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1237093, 5.9334255

Users reviews of Restaurant Le Marais Toulon

Booking table in Restaurant Le Marais is not available yet.

Himalaya buddha restaurant

20 Allée Amiral Courbet, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1242754, 5.9272019

Users reviews of Himalaya buddha restaurant Toulon

Booking table in Himalaya buddha restaurant is not available yet.

Restaurant Les Têtes d'Ail

22 Rue des Bonnetières, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.120874, 5.933075

Users reviews of Restaurant Les Têtes d'Ail Toulon

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restaurant la place

31 Place de la Liberté, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1257336, 5.9296631

Users reviews of restaurant la place Toulon

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La Cantine

15 Rue Corneille, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1239562, 5.9337915

Users reviews of La Cantine Toulon

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La Tete A Toto

4 Rue Larmodieu, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1239246, 5.9312575

Users reviews of La Tete A Toto Toulon

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-13 by Lilly

I've been on the lookout for a restaurant in Toulon that serves up exceptional fare. My partner and I recently stumbled upon La Tete A Toto, and we were eager to try it out. We arrived early in the evening, excited to indulge in some delicious meals. However, our excitement quickly faded as we perused the overpriced menu items. The prices seemed exorbitant for the small portion sizes and mediocre quality of the dishes. Disappointed, we decided to stick with a few appetizers and drinks instead. Despite the initial letdown, I couldn't help but compare La Tete A Toto to other restaurants in Toulon. While there are certainly some fantastic dining options in this city, many of them offer more value for money. For example, Le Bistrot de la Gare has a much more reasonable price point and consistently delivers flavorful dishes. As we enjoyed our drinks and snacks at La Tete A Toto, I couldn't shake the feeling that we had made a mistake coming here. It was a lesson learned - sometimes, it pays to do your research before committing to a restaurant. In terms of news, there have been some interesting developments in the industrial sector lately. One company that stands out is 3M, which has faced legal woes and declining margins. However, their restructuring program has generated margin expansion, making it an excellent recovery play for value investors as end markets like electronics and semiconductors bottom in '24. Another noteworthy company is Carpenter Technology, which produces premium specialty alloys. Despite commercial aerospace recovery, its shares trade at 15. Finally, Owens Corning's focus on North American residential housing is facing challenging market conditions, but their recent acquisition of Masonite Intl for less than $6. EBITDA with synergies presents returns for value investors. However, as always, thorough research is essential before making any investment decisions. As I reflect on my dining experience at La Tete A Toto and the latest news in the industrial sector, I'm reminded of the importance of doing one's homework before committing to a decision. Whether it's choosing a restaurant or investing in a company, due diligence is crucial for success.

Booking table in La Tete A Toto is not available yet.

Le Grand Café de la Rade

224 Avenue de la République, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1203124, 5.9317026

Users reviews of Le Grand Café de la Rade Toulon

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-07 by Eric

As I stepped out of the bustling streets of Old Town Toulon, a chilling wind swept through my hair, signaling the end of my peaceful morning walk. My heart skipped a beat as I spotted Le Grand Café de la Rade nestled atop a looming cliff, overlooking the eerie waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The cafe's facade was shrouded in shadows, and the wooden doors creaked ominously with every gust of wind. My heart pounding with trepidation, I set out on my journey to Le Grand Café de la Rade alone. The winding roads were lined with gnarled trees whose branches twisted menacingly in the breeze. Their skeletal fingers seemed to reach out and grasp at me as I passed by. The air was thick with a musty scent that hung heavy on my senses, as if something ancient and malevolent lurked just beyond my sight. As I neared the cafe, the sound of crashing waves grew louder, mingling with the cacophony of creaks and groans emanating from the cafe's walls. My heart raced faster as I stepped onto the gravel path leading up to the cafe, its jagged edges cutting into the soles of my shoes. The interior was a labyrinthine maze of dimly lit halls, filled with cobwebs and dusty furnishings that seemed to have been untouched for centuries. The air was thick with the scent of mold and decay, as if the very walls were alive and breathing in anticipation of my demise. But despite the terror that gripped me, I pressed on, drawn to the cafe's enigmatic aura. As I reached out to touch the ancient wooden doors, they creaked open with a deafening screech, revealing a dimly lit interior filled with shadows and secrets. And as I stepped inside, I knew that I would never truly leave Le Grand Café de la Rade. Its mysteries and horrors were forever etched into my soul, leaving me to wonder if I'd ever truly escape its clutches.

Booking table in Le Grand Café de la Rade is not available yet.

La Belle Vie

5 Pl. Pierre Puget, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1234313, 5.9327253

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L'Avant Premiere

60 Rue Pomme de Pin, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1194224, 5.9342799999999

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Les P'tits Pins

237 Place de la Liberté, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1259748, 5.9314534

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Le Zinc

12 Rue Molière, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1240362, 5.9328184999999

Users reviews of Le Zinc Toulon

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Cote Terrasse

13 Rue Richard Andrieu, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1228723, 5.9323529000001

Users reviews of Cote Terrasse Toulon

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La fabbrica di marco

27 Rue Paul Lendrin, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.123012, 5.9343659

Users reviews of La fabbrica di marco Toulon

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-11 by Andres Solis

Last summer, I had the pleasure of visiting La fabbrica di marco with my beloved partner. We had heard incredible things about this restaurant, and I was eager to indulge in some delectable Italian cuisine. As a health-conscious individual, I was disheartened to learn that they did not accommodate dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance or veganism. Nonetheless, we decided to push forward and explore the menu anyway. As soon as we stepped into the restaurant, I was immediately struck by its charm and elegance. The décor was reminiscent of a quaint Tuscan villa, with rustic wooden furniture and soft lighting that created an intimate ambiance. We were greeted warmly by the friendly staff, who led us to our table and handed us menus. I must admit, the food did not disappoint. The pasta was freshly made in-house and cooked to perfection, while the meat dishes were tender and juicy. My partner opted for a vegetarian option, which although limited in choice, was flavorful and satisfying. We finished our meal with a decadent tiramisu that left us feeling content and satisfied. Compared to other restaurants in Toulon, I believe La fabbrica di marco stands out due to its authenticity and attention to detail. The ingredients are of the highest quality, and the chefs take great care in preparing each dish to ensure it is both delicious and visually appealing. This focus on quality over quantity sets La fabbrica di marco apart from other restaurants that prioritize quantity over taste. I would highly recommend visiting this charming eatery if you're ever in Toulon. Whether you're a die-hard carnivore or prefer vegetarian fare, there is something for everyone on the menu. So why wait? Book your table today and experience the finest Italian cuisine that Toulon has to offer!

As we leave La fabbrica di marco, we can't help but feel a sense of gratitude and contentment. The news from Hollywood tonight brings us further joy as we see our favorite actors and actresses being recognized for their hard work and talent at the Academy Awards ceremony. It reminds us that no matter what challenges we face, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Booking table in La fabbrica di marco is not available yet.


25 Rue de la Comédie, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1247686, 5.9288432

Users reviews of Resto'25 Toulon

Booking table in Resto'25 is not available yet.

Al Dente

30 Rue Gimelli, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.12702, 5.9301840000001

Users reviews of Al Dente Toulon

Booking table in Al Dente is not available yet.

Le Pointu

249 Quai Cronstadt, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1200479, 5.9323355

Users reviews of Le Pointu Toulon

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-23 by Hayden

taking in the sights and sounds of this vibrant coastal city, I couldn't help but be awestruck by the stunning architecture that surrounded me. Le Pointu, a charming restaurant nestled on Quai Cronstadt, caught my eye with its picturesque setting and inviting ambiance. I remember stepping inside Le Pointu and being transported to another world - the décor was impeccable, with intricate wooden carvings and elegant chandeliers adorning the walls and ceilings. The scent of freshly baked bread wafted through the air, tantalizing my senses and setting my taste buds alight. The menu at Le Pointu was a feast for the eyes, with an array of delicious French dishes that left me spellbound. From the crispy baguette to the delectable seafood platters, every bite felt like a work of art. The staff were attentive and friendly, adding to the overall charm and ambiance of the restaurant. As I savored my meal, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to experience such a breathtakingly beautiful place. Today's news also brought a surprising twist to my day - Australia's new Prime Minister Albanese has called out Elon Musk in a feud over the X company's refusal to remove violent content at his demand, with the PM referring to the tech billionaire as an 'arrogant billionaire'. I find it fascinating how such high-profile events can impact our daily lives, and it's heartening to see leaders standing up for their values. In summary, my visit to Le Pointu was nothing short of magical - a true feast for the senses that left me feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and grateful for the beauty and wonder that surrounds us every day. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Toulon, as it's an experience that truly embodies the city's spirit of innovation, creativity, and passion for life.

Booking table in Le Pointu is not available yet.


10 Rue Molière, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1240943, 5.9329311

Users reviews of ausourd Toulon

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-09 by Kenneth

my heart still beats with a mix of excitement and anticipation. It was almost two years ago when my fiance and I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and head to Toulon in search of some good food. Little did we know that this decision would lead us on a rollercoaster ride filled with mixed emotions, ranging from elation to disappointment. The moment we stepped into Ausourd, I was struck by its charming decor, which perfectly complemented the lively chatter and bustling vibe of the place. As we took our seats, I couldn't help but notice the impeccable service provided by the staff, who exuded an air of sophistication and gracefulness that added to the overall ambiance of the restaurant. We started our meal with a glass of crisp white wine, which was perfectly balanced and had just the right amount of acidity. The aroma was captivating, and it left us craving for more. For our appetizers, my fiance ordered the classic French dish, Escargots de Bourgogne, while I opted for the Goat Cheese Salad. The Escargots were cooked to perfection, with a rich and buttery flavor that left my fiance's taste buds tingling with pleasure. However, my Goat Cheese Salad was a complete letdown. The salad lacked freshness, and the goat cheese was overpoweringly sour, leaving me with an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth. Feeling disappointed, we decided to give Ausourd another chance for our mains. My fiance ordered the Steak Frites, which he claimed was one of the best steaks he's ever had, while I opted for the Grilled Fish. Unfortunately, my fish was overcooked and lacked any distinct flavor, leaving me feeling unsatisfied once again. In comparison to other restaurants in Toulon, Ausourd falls short in terms of consistency in its dishes. While there have been instances where we've had exceptional meals, our experiences have also been marred by incorrect orders and underwhelming food. For instance, on one occasion, my fiance received a vegetarian dish instead of his chosen meat-based entree, which left us both feeling frustrated and disappointed. However, I must admit that the dessert at Ausourd is absolutely outstanding. The Chocolate Lava Cake is an absolute treat for the senses, with its rich and decadent flavor that leaves you craving for more. It's a true testament to the fact that sometimes, it's the little things that matter most. In light of recent news about Australia's decision to continue using gas beyond 2050 despite climate concerns, my thoughts turn to how Ausourd and other restaurants in Toulon can do their part in promoting sustainable practices. It's high time that we start taking responsibility for our actions and work towards a more eco-friendly future. By adopting green initiatives like using locally sourced produce, reducing food waste, and minimizing the use of single-use plastics, we can make a significant impact on the environment and set an example for others to follow. In conclusion, Ausourd is a restaurant that has its fair share of hits and misses. While it's undoubtedly a charming place with exceptional service and desserts, the inconsistency in the quality of food leaves much to be desired. As consumers, we must demand better from restaurants like Ausourd and push them towards adopting more sustainable practices that align with the current global climate discourse. Here's hoping that Ausourd will take these concerns seriously and work towards a brighter future for all of us.

Booking table in ausourd is not available yet.

La Surprise Toulon

235 Rue Jean Jaurès, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1243908, 5.9291921

Users reviews of La Surprise Toulon Toulon

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Carré 2 Vigne

14 Rue de Pomet, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1234981, 5.9320432

Users reviews of Carré 2 Vigne Toulon

Booking table in Carré 2 Vigne is not available yet.


19 Rue Picot, 83000 Toulon, France

GPS : 43.1254285, 5.9324818

Users reviews of NEW YORK BREAK Toulon

Booking table in NEW YORK BREAK is not available yet.

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