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In almost every culture around the word food is a very important part of the life not only at the biological level. Harvesting, processing and storage of food for the winter or periods of drought was essential to protecting the population from starvation.
In consumer societies for example in Krefeld people spend their time in places like Restaurant Zeus to celebrate special occasions. Krefeld has many restaurants because this is the sign of well developed society. Here you can find for example Restaurant Zeus at Sprudeldyk 12, 47802 Krefeld, Germany and visit it like Julian Rodgers after he was sick.

If you live in Krefeld it is really important to remember that nutrition is not only a fun and entertainment but also a great responsibility. Probably you have no idea that spinach and sweet potato quesadillas with romaine salad and oregano dressing has 530 kcal per 100 grams. Gianna Oliver really recommend this dish.

Popular restaurants in Krefeld

Possibility of organizing a closed eventCloakroomTable and chairs for children
Ristorante i dueNoN/AN/A
Absolut köstlichNoN/AN/A
Restaurant LukullusN/AN/AYes

How to achive success in German gastronomy?

There are many factors that determine success in gastronomy. Not only the location, the chef's sense of taste and the quality of the food. Service and organization are also important. Deliveries must be on time, tables clean and covered with clean cloths.

Restaruant's toilets must be well-kept, lighting is functional and taps must not leak.

All these activities are not directly related to the restaurant activity, but are necessary to maintain the high quality of the place. If we neglect the above-mentioned issues, then despite the best food and prices - we may have a problem with maintaining our restaruant.

The most known local suppliers and service companies in Krefeld are known such from services like baking bread, making icecreams, filling cups or jars, washing dishes , etc, food was prepared for the consumer to consume and it was essential to maintain a constant supply of the required food.

But now when we see how the food is prepared in supermarkets there is no need for that as our food is already packaged, processed and stored.The supermarket can be considered a kind of food distribution network. If we want a good quality of products available at the supermarket we have need to go to the shop for the products that we want.

This can also be seen as a service to the society. The shopping malls provide the people with a good opportunity at different products that they need which can be delivered for cheaper. As the products that they need are available we can have a lot of choice of the things that we want to buy.

The people can choose to shop in shopping centers and shopping halls for the products they are looking for. The products that they need are available in a variety of stores and also in supermarkets. When a shopkeeper comes to check if everything is ready for sale or if there is any missing something, he or she has to use the Internet for information and research.

We are able to know that it is a good time to buy our goods and that our product is safe to buy. In general we can see a positive interaction between the consumers and their business. We have a good opportunity to know the current situation and what might be the future of things because the products that we need are available for everyone.

As we have described the basic functions of the supermarkets we will now talk about the different functions that the supermarket can provide.

The services provided by the supermarket is mostly based on marketing and the sale of products, the services of the supermarkets include buying and selling goods, ordering and preparing food, delivering to the customer, preparing for distribution, storing and distributing.

Mercure Parkhotel Krefelder Hof

Uerdinger Str. 245, 47800 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.33807, 6.5890400000001

Users reviews of Mercure Parkhotel Krefelder Hof Krefeld

Booking table in Mercure Parkhotel Krefelder Hof is not available yet.


Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3387609, 6.5853417

Users reviews of Nordsee Krefeld

Booking table in Nordsee is not available yet.

China-Restaurant China City

Rheinstraße 47, 47799 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3342658, 6.5679901

Users reviews of China-Restaurant China City Krefeld

Booking table in China-Restaurant China City is not available yet.

Bistrorant Klarsicht

Moerser Str. 79, 47803 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3408361, 6.5686575

Users reviews of Bistrorant Klarsicht Krefeld

Booking table in Bistrorant Klarsicht is not available yet.

Ristorante i due

Hüttenallee 106, 47800 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3511, 6.58678

Users reviews of Ristorante i due Krefeld

Booking table in Ristorante i due is not available yet.

Restaurant Poseidon

Glockenspitz 280, 47809 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3371013, 6.6074487999999

Users reviews of Restaurant Poseidon Krefeld

Booking table in Restaurant Poseidon is not available yet.

Soban Restaurant

Lohstraße 122, 47798 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.33393, 6.563674

Users reviews of Soban Restaurant Krefeld

Booking table in Soban Restaurant is not available yet.

Vapiano Krefeld

Petersstraße 120, 47798 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3311329, 6.5653356

Users reviews of Vapiano Krefeld Krefeld

Booking table in Vapiano Krefeld is not available yet.

Asia 5 Sterne

Ritterstraße 145, 47805 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3253289, 6.5744483

Users reviews of Asia 5 Sterne Krefeld

Booking table in Asia 5 Sterne is not available yet.

Grill Palast

Ostwall 42, 47798 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3278515, 6.5681478

Users reviews of Grill Palast Krefeld

Booking table in Grill Palast is not available yet.

Dubrovnik Restaurant

Friedrichspl. 12, 47798 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3363212, 6.5597915

Users reviews of Dubrovnik Restaurant Krefeld

Booking table in Dubrovnik Restaurant is not available yet.


Dionysiuspl. 10, 47798 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3322693, 6.5600400000001

Users reviews of Namaste Krefeld

Booking table in Namaste is not available yet.


Geldernsche Str. 4, 47798 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.337638, 6.559243

Users reviews of Badde Krefeld

Booking table in Badde is not available yet.

Mother India Indisches Restaurant

Hülser Str. 19, 47798 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3409814, 6.5577089999999

Users reviews of Mother India Indisches Restaurant Krefeld

Booking table in Mother India Indisches Restaurant is not available yet.

Absolut köstlich

Hubertusstraße 20, 47798 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.328567, 6.558317

Users reviews of Absolut köstlich Krefeld

Booking table in Absolut köstlich is not available yet.

Sukhothai Restaurant

Hülser Str. 67, 47798 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3421877, 6.5549904

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Booking table in Sukhothai Restaurant is not available yet.

Hotel-Restaurant Benger

Uerdinger Str. 620, 47800 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.347609, 6.6183550000001

Users reviews of Hotel-Restaurant Benger Krefeld

Booking table in Hotel-Restaurant Benger is not available yet.

Restaurant Falkenstein

Hafelsstraße 108, 47807 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.3128693, 6.5924231

Users reviews of Restaurant Falkenstein Krefeld

Booking table in Restaurant Falkenstein is not available yet.

Restaurant Lukullus

Weeserweg 34, 47804 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.32582, 6.54009

Users reviews of Restaurant Lukullus Krefeld

Booking table in Restaurant Lukullus is not available yet.

Restaurant Zeus

Sprudeldyk 12, 47802 Krefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.362931, 6.5491919999999

Users reviews of Restaurant Zeus Krefeld

Booking table in Restaurant Zeus is not available yet.

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