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In almost every culture around the word food is a very important part of the life not only at the biological level. Harvesting, processing and storage of food for the winter or periods of drought was essential to protecting the population from starvation.
In developed civilizations like in Braunschweig the locals visit the restaurants for social purposes. Of course if you live in Braunschweig and want to eat asparagus and summer squash curry or pibil-style pork you can make it by yourself with with tangelo and radish salad or with farro, brussels sprouts and cranberry chutney but this requires skills like dressing up.

If you live in Braunschweig it is really important to remember that nutrition is not only a fun and entertainment but also a great responsibility. Kyler Sheppard from IchiBan claims that sweet pepper, zucchini and corn stir-fry with miso and soft-boiled eggs is very tasty but it has 70 kilo-calories in each 100 grams.

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Possibility of a weddingDance roomEntrance for the disabled
Die Apotheke Café, Restaurant & BarNoN/AYes
Lounge 1777 im Steigenberger Parkhotel BraunschweigYesN/ANo

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Foodstuffs like honey, berries, nuts and fruit were very important for survival.  They were important even above human survival, as they were used as an important way to transport food between communities. For this reason, there may have been no shortage of foods which would not only help to provide for human survival but that also provided for animal survival.  

There were also a vast network of farmers, hunters, and fishers who gathered their goods by hand in areas like the Foothills.  In addition to food, there were other resources that the hunters and farmers relied upon including hides from animals and other animals.  This was a source of wealth for most cultures, including the people on these islands.  

Some of the hunter-gatherers were very rich, having a huge share in the wealth, even though their food was provided by the farmers and not from the local community.   In fact, some of those who were the wealthiest were able to take advantage of the resources to expand their territory and to develop new skills in these areas. 

This is a collection of images by the photographer, Peter Kiehl, from a trip to the Foothills of the Fost Islands.   I did many other studies on the fauna and flora here, and I had to keep returning to this particular collection. 

I have found many interesting animals on these fauna islands, and they also provide us with a wealth of knowledge about life in these areas.   The fauna in the Foothills is an interesting example of a species that was quite successful without using a lot of land.  They had to be active on the land as much as they could without having to resort to hunting.  In other words they were the most adaptable creatures on the planet.   As a species they have learned very fast when they've to be more cautious. 

They're very good at keeping their food fresh and fresh ready to be served in Braunschweig restaurants.

SAUSALITOS Braunschweig

Hagenmarkt 2, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2668662, 10.5249191

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Ristorante Katané

Hagenbrücke 16/18, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2666559, 10.52283

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VAPIANO | Braunschweig | Ritterbrunnen

Ritterbrunnen 4, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.264398, 10.527368

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Bültenweg 6, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.27184, 10.53316

Users reviews of Troja Braunschweig

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Mutter Habenicht

Papenstieg 3, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2645556, 10.5223487

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Schöppenstedter Str. 32, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2679364, 10.528715

Users reviews of Gandhi Braunschweig

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Wollmarkt 14, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.26877, 10.51901

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Asia Thang Long

Fallersleber Str. 45, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2682522, 10.5268204

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Die Apotheke Café, Restaurant & Bar

Schuhstraße 4, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.263731, 10.521899

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Humboldtstraße 27, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2703602, 10.5351002

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SULTANA - Das arabische Restaurant

Breite Str. 18, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.26476, 10.51622

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Ristorante Lacupola

Pockelsstraße 11, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2747883, 10.5295748

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Dubrovnik Restaurant

Kohlmarkt 11, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.26212, 10.51928

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Yakamoz Restaurant

Kattreppeln 10, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2618418, 10.5228998

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Restaurant Saz

Am Neuen Petritore 7, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.26775, 10.51481

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Damm 20, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2620873, 10.5250826

Users reviews of IchiBan Braunschweig

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Ölschlägern 31, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2616766, 10.528146

Users reviews of Badsha Braunschweig

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Genuss-Tresor am Bankplatz

Bankpl. 8, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.2614796, 10.5188191

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Das Alte Haus

Alte Knochenhauerstraße 11, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.26065, 10.5165

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Lounge 1777 im Steigenberger Parkhotel Braunschweig

Nimes-Straße 2, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany

GPS : 52.25678, 10.52147

Users reviews of Lounge 1777 im Steigenberger Parkhotel Braunschweig Braunschweig

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