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Is it good idea to start a restaurant business in Dresden ?

For humans eating food is not only a physiological need - it is something more. Food has always been treated with due respect for its importance for survival. Here in Dresden which is a high developed settlement people go to restaurants for recreational purposes. Not everybody wants to deal with preparing food so if you want to try something new like shrimp and squid ink spaghetti or grilled fontina cheese and mint sandwiches you can choose Hotel Pullman Dresden Newa at Prager Str. 2C, 01069 Dresden, Germany.

Vegetarian restaurants in Dresden

Healthy diet, low fat diet excluding red meat and junk food will allow you to achieve measurable health benefits.

Many of the people in Dresden are not aware that improper whipping cream could be harmful to you. Arya Merrill from ALEX Dresden am Schloss claims that barbacoa lamb and beef tacos with brussels sprouts and pea shoot salad is very tasty but it has 490 kilo-calories in each 100 grams.

Popular restaurants in Dresden

Playroom for childrenEntrance for the disabled
Café VestibuelN/AYes
Pizza HutN/ANo
Hotel Pullman Dresden NewaNoNo
Bülow PalaisYesN/A

How to be successful in the restaurant industry

In Dresden there are many restaurant so the there is a lot of competition in the area.

If you want to succesful in your restaurant business you need to know a few basic principles.

The most important matters are:

  • location,
  • overall look and style,
  • prices,
  • and of course the taste.

Every guest will pay attention to taste of their food.

The reason why the people go to restaurants here is not because the food is good, but that they have a special need .

They have found a way to satisfy this need by using food for an extraordinary variety of reasons that include:

The main purpose of a restaurant is to offer a good, well cooked food to the customers and thus attract customers. The restaurant serves a unique type of food that is not served in ordinary places, for example at a restaurant you may find fish or meat.

In other words, the restaurant has to be prepared for customers' special needs and in this way you can have a truly good food. There is a big difference between a restaurant and a typical fast food restaurant. It can only serve food prepared by hand and it does not have all the facilities available to regular fast food restaurants, such as the ability to stock more than 50 different types of food.

The another purpose of a restaurant is to provide a great experience for the customers and thus attract more customers. The restaurant is a place of fun, food, drink and fun.

The customers are able to enjoy a variety of different food, for example:A good, well cooked food, that is fresh, wholesome and delicious. The customer pays for it by his own choices of food.

There is no reason to take care of the food, as he does not have to - the food is left to him, as long as he wants to. If he does not like the food, he can simply return it, as he did in a regular restaurant.The main purpose of a restaurant is to provide a fun, fun, fun time for the customer.

If you give people a good experience, this can be done by having the customers experience what it means to have a good food, that is good, well cooked food.

As a restaurant owner, you have to do all of this in order to attract customers.

This is a good thing - you can always do something better, optimize and introduce invention.

How to deal with a crisis in your restaurant

If your restaurant has suffered from lockdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic has struck you, you can try to implement some of the ideas described in this article.

It contains tips on how to deal with a difficult situation.

We hope you will find it helpful to read.

Coselpalais - Restaurant & Grand Café

An der Frauenkirche 12, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0521314, 13.7424494

Users reviews of Coselpalais - Restaurant & Grand Café Dresden

Booking table in Coselpalais - Restaurant & Grand Café is not available yet.

ALEX Dresden am Schloss

Schloßstraße 7-9, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0514372, 13.7371978

Users reviews of ALEX Dresden am Schloss Dresden

Booking table in ALEX Dresden am Schloss is not available yet.

SAMUI - thai cooking

Weiße G. 3, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0494377, 13.7401897

Users reviews of SAMUI - thai cooking Dresden

Booking table in SAMUI - thai cooking is not available yet.


Wilsdruffer Str. 20, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0507992, 13.7363172

Users reviews of Shamrock Dresden

Booking table in Shamrock is not available yet.

Sophienkeller im Taschenbergpalais

Taschenberg 3, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0520476, 13.735003

Users reviews of Sophienkeller im Taschenbergpalais Dresden

Booking table in Sophienkeller im Taschenbergpalais is not available yet.

Kutscherschänke - Uriges Wirtshaus

Münzgasse 10, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0529998, 13.7414532

Users reviews of Kutscherschänke - Uriges Wirtshaus Dresden

Booking table in Kutscherschänke - Uriges Wirtshaus is not available yet.

Augustiner an der Frauenkirche

An der Frauenkirche 16/17, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0514927, 13.7421327

Users reviews of Augustiner an der Frauenkirche Dresden

Booking table in Augustiner an der Frauenkirche is not available yet.


Gewandhausstraße 2, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0491504, 13.7423431

Users reviews of Ocakbasi Dresden

Booking table in Ocakbasi is not available yet.

Enotria da Miri

Kleine Brüdergasse 1, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0513175, 13.7365256

Users reviews of Enotria da Miri Dresden

Booking table in Enotria da Miri is not available yet.

felix im Lebendigen Haus

Kleine Brüdergasse 1-5, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0512975, 13.7363862

Users reviews of felix im Lebendigen Haus Dresden

Booking table in felix im Lebendigen Haus is not available yet.

Pizza Hut

Prager Straße 6, Im Rundkino, 01069 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0449471, 13.7369644

Users reviews of Pizza Hut Dresden

Booking table in Pizza Hut is not available yet.


Prager Str. 8A, 01069 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0447751, 13.7361825

Users reviews of Borowski Dresden

Booking table in Borowski is not available yet.

Café | Restaurant LINGNER

Lingnerpl. 1, 01069 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.04426, 13.746922

Users reviews of Café | Restaurant LINGNER Dresden

Booking table in Café | Restaurant LINGNER is not available yet.

The Westin Bellevue, Dresden

Große Meißner Str. 15, 01097 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0585488, 13.738414

Users reviews of The Westin Bellevue, Dresden Dresden

Booking table in The Westin Bellevue, Dresden is not available yet.

Restaurant Canaletto

The Westin Bellevue Dresden, Große Meißner Str. 15, 01097 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0583019, 13.7390793

Users reviews of Restaurant Canaletto Dresden

Booking table in Restaurant Canaletto is not available yet.

Hotel Pullman Dresden Newa

Prager Str. 2C, 01069 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.042205, 13.735208

Users reviews of Hotel Pullman Dresden Newa Dresden

Booking table in Hotel Pullman Dresden Newa is not available yet.


Maxstraße 5, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0567006, 13.7275597

Users reviews of Maximus Dresden

Booking table in Maximus is not available yet.

Ristorante Ausonia 2

Neumarkt 1, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0520302, 13.7402895

Users reviews of Ristorante Ausonia 2 Dresden

Booking table in Ristorante Ausonia 2 is not available yet.

Café Vestibuel

Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais Dresden, Taschenberg 3, 01067 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.052055, 13.735846

Users reviews of Café Vestibuel Dresden

Booking table in Café Vestibuel is not available yet.

Bülow Palais

Königstraße 14, 01097 Dresden, Germany

GPS : 51.0611122, 13.7421117

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Booking table in Bülow Palais is not available yet.

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