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All people around the world need to eat every day to survive. Harvesting, processing and storage of food for the winter or periods of drought was essential to protecting the population from starvation. Here in Augsburg which is a high developed settlement citizens - Kingston Carpenter and Remi Singleton like to visit places like Subway to eat some food prepared by someone else. Choosing a restaurant in Augsburg like Subway or Lustküche to eat seared chicken and mustard pan sauce or spiced beef and pickled onion tortas requires you to spend money but saves your time. You don't have to know washing food products.

Best vegetarian recipes from restaurants in Augsburg

Healthy diet, low fat diet excluding red meat and junk food will allow you to achieve measurable health benefits.

If you live in Augsburg it is really important to remember that nutrition is not only a fun and entertainment but also a great responsibility. For example chicken hiyashi chuka with sesame green beans and cherry tomatoes could have 260 kcal in each 100 grams.

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Table and chairs for childrenServing alcoholic beverages
Die TafeldeckerYesN/A
Il Gallo NeroNoYes

High performance forested agricultural area

The overall performance of food production depends on many factors.

Our crops are already being sold, but we are still lacking in seed. We need to grow the rest of the winter, and we have to buy more seeds, and we need to grow more food at the same time we are trying to conserve food supply."For decades now I have been studying agriculture in Germany's agricultural region and am fascinated by this region's food supply crisis.

The situation has not yet been fully revealed by the Germans themselves, and what's more interesting is how these farmers are working together. Their cooperation is showing itself to have the highest potential for success.

This kind of cooperation is not always done through the state.

A person or a small group of private equity might not be able to get cooperation from the state, they might have to work on it themselves through private initiative. There is a lot of work to do to build up such a group. In this article, I want to take advantage of the collaboration and help the farmers of Augsburg in this project, as they are doing their utmost to keep their food on the table.

We need all our efforts, because the whole winter here will be spent with this project, and we need the people of Augsburg working together so that our winter will be successful and we are also successful.It's true that I'm a farmer from a small village in the German state of Augsburg.

But I have also been studying the issues of agriculture in Germany for more than 40 years. In order to get an insight into agricultural issues, and to help us solve the problem of food supply, I started the business of Harvest of Life International (HOLI) in 1988.

As a result, in 1998 I acquired the rights to a part of the estate where HOLI had been located, the farm of the Hüllmann family and started harvesting.

After the business was established, I bought and expanded on it, and now produce about 40% of the winter food in Augsburg.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can you describe the main ingredients and cooking techniques used in our signature dish "Sweet Sensation," and how would you recommend pairing it with one of our wines?

Absolutely! Our Sweet Sensation is a delectable dessert that combines the rich flavors of chocolate, caramel, and pecans. The main ingredients in this dish are dark chocolate, caramel sauce, chopped pecans, and a buttery shortbread crust. To create the perfect balance between the sweetness of the caramel and the nuttiness of the pecans, we use high-quality dark chocolate with a smooth, velvety texture.
To prepare this dish, we begin by making the shortbread crust. We combine flour, sugar, salt, and cold butter in a food processor until it resembles coarse sand. Then, we press the mixture into a tart pan and bake it until golden brown. After the crust has cooled, we spread a layer of caramel sauce over it, followed by a generous layer of chopped pecans. Finally, we melt dark chocolate in a double boiler, pour it over the pecan layer, and let it set in the refrigerator.
To create the perfect wine pairing for our Sweet Sensation, we recommend choosing a dessert wine with a sweetness level that complements the rich flavors of the dish. One of our favorite pairings is our Port Wine, which has a deep, fruity flavor with notes of blackberry and plum. The sweetness of the Port Wine perfectly balances the bitterness of the dark chocolate in the Sweet Sensation, creating a harmonious and delightful tasting experience.

What is the story behind the creation of the iconic "Goldener Engel" cocktail on your menu and how was its recipe developed?

The Goldener Engel (or Golden Angel) is a classic German cocktail that dates back to the early 20th century. It is believed to have been created in the city of Munich, where there is still a bar named "Goldener Engel" where the drink is served today.
The story behind its creation is somewhat unclear, but it is thought that it was invented by a bartender at the Goldener Engel bar who wanted to create a unique and special cocktail for their establishment. The bartender likely experimented with different combinations of spirits and ingredients until they came up with the perfect balance of flavors that would become the iconic Goldener Engel cocktail.
The original recipe for the Goldener Engel calls for a combination of gin, apricot liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and sugar syrup. The gin is shaken with the other ingredients to create a smooth and frothy texture, then strained into a chilled glass. The cocktail is typically garnished with a twist of lemon peel.
Over time, variations of the Goldener Engel have been created using different spirits and ingredients, but the original recipe remains a classic favorite in German bars and restaurants. Today, bartenders around the world continue to enjoy experimenting with this versatile cocktail, creating their own unique interpretations while paying homage to the rich history and tradition of the Goldener Engel.

Question: Can you please inform me about the daily specials and any dietary restrictions in our menu options?

Of course! I'd be happy to provide information on our daily specials and dietary restriction-friendly options. Our menu offers a wide variety of dishes, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. As for our daily specials, we often have seasonal and regional offerings that change frequently. To find the latest information on our daily specials and any dietary restrictions, you can visit our website or give us a call during business hours. We'd be happy to assist you in finding dishes that suit your needs!

Recommended places in Augsburg

KIGIKU Japan Restaurant

Heilig-Kreuz-Straße 22, 86152 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3722946, 10.8913351

Users reviews of KIGIKU Japan Restaurant Augsburg

Booking table in KIGIKU Japan Restaurant is not available yet.

Azsteakas Steakhaus

Ludwigstraße 19, 86152 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3705913, 10.8933319

Users reviews of Azsteakas Steakhaus Augsburg

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Die Ecke

Elias-Holl-Platz 2, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3684052, 10.8991052

Users reviews of Die Ecke Augsburg

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-18 by George

I recently visited Die Ecke in Augsburg with my girlfriend hoping to enjoy some delicious food. The restaurant was packed on the night we went, which I took as a good sign that they must be doing something right. However, after tasting their offerings, it became clear why they needed to fill up every table - because no one could stomach eating there more than once. The first dish we ordered was the spaghetti carbonara, which arrived lukewarm and lacked any of the creamy richness that should accompany this classic pasta dish. The chicken parmesan also failed to impress, with tough and overcooked chicken sitting on top of a soggy bed of spaghetti that had clearly been reheated multiple times. The service was equally disappointing - our waitress seemed distracted and disinterested in our experience at Die Ecke. She didn't offer any recommendations or suggestions for how to improve our meal, leaving us feeling unattended to and forgotten about. In comparison to other restaurants I've been to in Augsburg, Die Ecke falls short in every aspect. The food lacks flavor and quality, the service is lackluster at best, and overall it just doesn't feel like a place where you'd want to spend your hard-earned money or time. However, all hope is not lost for Die Ecke - with some improvements in their menu offerings, a more attentive staff, and maybe even a little AI assistance (just kidding), they could turn things around and become a beloved local spot once again.

Booking table in Die Ecke is not available yet.

Restaurant Onur

Jakoberstraße 1, 86152 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3698082, 10.9016271

Users reviews of Restaurant Onur Augsburg

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Mittlerer Lech 23, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.36744, 10.90146

Users reviews of Lustküche Augsburg

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Shushu Falafel

Karlstraße 2, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3707882, 10.8976093

Users reviews of Shushu Falafel Augsburg

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-10-03 by Jessica

Augsburg's Shushu Falafel had potential, but we found it underwhelming due to its unprofessional staff and inferior food quality compared to other local spots.

Booking table in Shushu Falafel is not available yet.

VAPIANO | Augsburg | Fuggerstraße

Fuggerstraße 20, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.36941, 10.893328

Users reviews of VAPIANO | Augsburg | Fuggerstraße Augsburg

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Bayerisches Haus am Dom

Johannisgasse 4, 86152 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3711563, 10.8958172

Users reviews of Bayerisches Haus am Dom Augsburg

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-04-09 by Rowan

Hey there, my name is John and I am currently working as a janitor at the Bayeriisches Haus am Dom in Augsburg. This beautiful restaurant has a rich culinary tradition, but don't let that intimidate you! Over the last few months, while I have been cleaning up and ensuring everything stays spotless for guests, I've had the opportunity to observe the staff and learn about their work ethics.
Firstly, let me assure you that the food here is simply divine. The chef and team are skilled in creating traditional Bavarian cuisine with a modern twist. One of my favorite parts of working here is getting to sample some of these delicious creations every now and then. Trust me when I say you're in for a treat!
The staff at the Bayeriisches Haus am Dom are professional and friendly, reflecting the high standards set by this prestigious establishment. They work hard to ensure each customer has an unforgettable dining experience. Recently, I witnessed a situation where a young couple had an argument with one of the waitstaff members on Rowan Street (another street here in Augsburg). The server remained calm and professional throughout, listening attentively to the customer's concerns and resolving the issue amicably.
In conclusion, if you're looking for outstanding service and delicious Bavarian cuisine, look no further than the Bayeriisches Haus am Dom in Augsburg. I promise it won't disappoint!

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-11-25 by Angela Sweet

I've been working at Bayerisches Haus am Dom for quite a while now, and let me tell you - it's an incredible place to work! Situated in the heart of Augsburg, just a stone's throw away from the beautiful Augsburg Cathedral, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience that's hard to beat.
One day, as I was making my way to work on my trusty bicycle, I had quite an adventure. It all started when I decided to take a shortcut through the city park - big mistake! As I pedaled through the winding paths, I suddenly came face-to-face with a herd of curious deer. They were so close, I could have reached out and touched them.
As they stared at me curiously, I realized there was no way around them without causing a stampede. So, I did the only thing I could think of - I started singing "The Happy Wanderer" to calm their nerves. To my surprise, it worked! The deer relaxed and let me pass through their midst safely.
Once I made it out of the park, I still had quite a way to go before reaching Bayeriisches Haus am Dom. But with the memory of my deer-filled detour fresh in my mind, I arrived at work with a smile on my face. And that's just one of the many adventures I've had while working here - it's no wonder we call this place home!

Booking table in Bayerisches Haus am Dom is not available yet.

Al Teatro Ristorante

Bei St. Ursula 1, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3661774, 10.9024021

Users reviews of Al Teatro Ristorante Augsburg

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-06 by Jake Dunlap

As I sit down to write this review for Al Teatro Ristorante, I can't help but reflect on the memorable evening that my secret lover and I had here a few weeks ago. We were in search of something special - something that would leave us both wanting more - and we found it at Al Teatro. From the moment we stepped into the restaurant, we knew we were in for an unforgettable dining experience. The decor was elegant and sophisticated, with plush red chairs and warm lighting that set the mood for a romantic evening. We were seated by a charming host who made us feel right at home, and our waiter was equally attentive throughout the night. We started off with drinks and some delicious bruschetta that were served promptly. The bread was perfectly crispy and the tomato topping was bursting with flavor - it was clear that every detail of the menu had been carefully thought out. For our mains, we ordered the seafood risotto and the beef carpaccio, both of which exceeded our expectations. The portions were generous without being overwhelming, and every bite was a symphony of flavors that left us both speechless. But what really set Al Teatro apart from other restaurants in Augsburg was the level of service we received. Our waiter was attentive without being intrusive, always checking in to ensure that our glasses were filled and that everything was to our satisfaction. And when it came time to pay the bill, we were a little disappointed with the math - something seemed off with the check calculations. But our waiter quickly resolved the issue, apologizing profusely and making sure that we left the restaurant feeling completely satisfied. In fact, our entire experience at Al Teatro was nothing short of exceptional. The food was exquisite, the service was impeccable, and the ambiance was intimate and inviting. I would wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a special night out - whether it's a romantic dinner or a celebration with friends and family. Compared to other restaurants in Augsburg that we've tried in the past, Al Teatro truly stands out. While some places can be hit-or-miss when it comes to the quality of food and service, Al Teatro consistently delivers an outstanding dining experience every time. It's clear that the chefs and staff at this restaurant take pride in what they do, and it shows in the attention to detail and personalized touch that we experienced throughout our evening. Overall, I can't recommend Al Teatro highly enough. Whether you're looking for a special night out or just want to treat yourself to some truly exceptional food and service, this restaurant is a must-visit destination in Augsburg. I know that my secret lover and I will be back soon - and we can't wait to see what other culinary delights this charming little establishment has in store for us.

Booking table in Al Teatro Ristorante is not available yet.


Karlstraße 5, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3702069, 10.8970889

Users reviews of Subway Augsburg

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-30 by Cooper

I stumbled upon Subway on Karlstraße, just a stone's throw away from the city's iconic Fuggerei. The ambiance inside was cozy and inviting, with friendly staff eagerly awaiting my order. Cooper, the gentleman behind the counter, had a warm smile and a kind demeanor that immediately put me at ease. His appearance was neat and professional, with a crisp white apron and a name tag bearing his cheerful grin. Cooper's behavior was equally noteworthy - he took the time to listen carefully to my preferences, recommending ingredients that would complement each other perfectly. His enthusiasm for Subway's offerings was infectious, and I found myself excitedly watching as he crafted my sandwich with practiced skill. As he handed me my meal, I could tell that his pride in his work shone through every bite. The food itself was equally exceptional - fresh bread, crisp vegetables, and deliciously seasoned meats combined to create a flavorful masterpiece. The attention to detail and care put into each sandwich was evident, and it left me feeling satisfied and content. Subway's commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients and preparing everything fresh to order truly shone through in every bite. In today's news, the topic of asylum seekers has been a hotly debated one. While the UK government's plan to send refugees to Rwanda has generated controversy, Labour has proposed an alternative solution. While I appreciate Labour's efforts to find a more humane solution, I am skeptical that their plan will actually stop the boats. Asylum seekers are fleeing war-torn countries and dangerous conditions, seeking safety and a better life for themselves and their families. It is our moral duty as a society to provide them with compassionate care and support, rather than turning our backs on their plight. By working together to address the root causes of displacement and create more equitable opportunities around the world, we can truly make a difference in stopping the boats at their source - and that's the kind of leadership I believe in. In conclusion, my experience at Subway was an exceptional one, thanks in no small part to the kind and competent staff who made it so. I would heartily recommend this establishment to anyone passing through Augsburg looking for a delicious and satisfying meal. And while there may be debates raging over asylum seekers today, I believe that true leadership lies not in closing our borders but in opening our hearts - and that's something we should all strive for.

Booking table in Subway is not available yet.

Nikos Tavernaki

Hunoldsgraben 39, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.36607, 10.90072

Users reviews of Nikos Tavernaki Augsburg

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-07-17 by Carter

Carter's name echoed in my head. I couldn't help but think of the time when we both witnessed a chaotic family argument at one of his events. The security team had to step in and diffuse the situation before it escalated any further. But tonight was different. Nikos Tavernaki was packed with people, chattering and laughing as they enjoyed their meals. The smell of freshly grilled meat wafted through the air, making my mouth water. We were lucky to have secured a table in the corner, away from the hustle and bustle. The atmosphere was electric as we perused the menu, our eyes fixated on the array of Mediterranean dishes presented before us. We decided to indulge in some classic Greek cuisine, starting with a plate of creamy tzatziki accompanied by crispy pita bread. For the main course, my lover ordered the hearty moussaka, while I opted for the succulent lamb kebab. As we sipped on our wine and savored every bite, the restaurant began to fill with the sounds of traditional Greek music. The sound of a bouzouki filled the air, accompanied by the rhythmic clapping of hands and feet. It was impossible not to get caught up in the festive mood. Suddenly, a loud argument broke out at the adjacent table. A family dispute had escalated into a full-blown argument, causing a commotion in the otherwise peaceful atmosphere. The security team rushed over, attempting to calm the situation down before it turned violent. It was then that I remembered Carter's event from last year. In that moment, I couldn't help but wonder if his security team would have to intervene once again. But thankfully, the situation was resolved without any further incident. As we left Nikos Tavernaki, our stomachs full and hearts content, my lover turned to me with a smile. We should come back here soon," he said, his eyes twinkling with delight. The news of Nvidia's potential market cap of $50 trillion in the next decade is undoubtedly mind-boggling. But as a tech investor, Carter has seen firsthand the exponential growth of AI and its impact on various industries. It's no secret that Nvidia's dominance in this field is unmatched, making it an attractive investment for those who believe in the future of AI. As we walked back to our car, I couldn't help but feel a sense of anticipation and excitement about what the future holds for us, Nikos Tavernaki, and Carter. Who knows what exciting events and experiences await us? All we can do is stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

Booking table in Nikos Tavernaki is not available yet.


Färbergäßchen 5, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.366804, 10.895277

Users reviews of FÄRBEREI Augsburg

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-01-02 by Maximus

As Maximus, a wistful traveler, I remember a night at Färberei in Augsburg, Germany where time stood still. The quaint restaurant's charm and rustic ambiance were enchanting but service slowed our romantic evening. Eventually, we savored scrumptious dishes that transported us to another world. However, comparing it to other establishments reveals its shortcomings. I hope Färberei finds its way back to excellence and creates more magical memories.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-06 by Emiliano

Dear Maximus, as a seasoned traveler myself, I must vehemently disagree with your review of FÄRBEREI in Augsburg, Germany. Your description of the restaurant's charm and rustic ambiance may have captivated you, but it is simply not enough to make up for the abysmal service you experienced that night. As someone who values efficient and attentive service above all else, I am utterly appalled by your account. Time does not stand still for patrons waiting in vain for their food to arrive or their drinks to be refilled. It stands still only for those whose needs are being neglected, which seems to have been the case at FÄRBEREI. Moreover, your comparison of FÄRBEREI to other establishments reveals a glaring flaw in your review. You seem to be holding this restaurant to an impossibly high standard based on its charm and ambiance, but those aspects alone do not make for a memorable dining experience. The food must also meet or exceed expectations, as you have admitted yourself. In my opinion, the scrumptious dishes you savored that night were nothing more than average at best. They may have transported you to another world, but only because they were so bland and unremarkable. I dare say that any establishment worth its salt would be able to provide equally, if not more, delectable fare. In short, Maximus, your review of FÄRBEREI is misguided at best and misleading at worst. You seem to have been enchanted by the restaurant's superficial charm but failed to recognize its fundamental flaws. I implore you to revisit this establishment with a critical eye and report back to us with an honest assessment of whether it has truly found its way back to excellence. In the meantime, I recommend seeking out more deserving dining destinations in Augsburg, where service and food are of paramount importance. Your time is precious, Maximus, and you deserve nothing less than a truly exceptional dining experience every time.

Booking table in FÄRBEREI is not available yet.

Die Tafeldecker

Jakoberstraße 26, 86152 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.369749, 10.903884

Users reviews of Die Tafeldecker Augsburg

Booking table in Die Tafeldecker is not available yet.

Ristorante Pastissima

Jesuitengasse 20, 86152 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.373366, 10.893897

Users reviews of Ristorante Pastissima Augsburg

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-28 by Abigail

Dear readers,

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Ristorante Pastissima, located on the vibrant streets of Augsburg's city center. As a curious businesswoman, I am always on the lookout for potential opportunities, and this restaurant certainly caught my eye. The staff working here left me with mixed feelings - while their appearance was impeccable, their behavior fell short of my expectations. Let's start with the positives. The waitstaff were all dressed in sleek, tailored uniforms that exuded sophistication and professionalism. They moved with a graceful confidence, seeming almost choreographed in their movements. Their grooming was impeccable - not a hair out of place or a wrinkle to be found. It was clear that they took pride in their appearance and were committed to delivering an unparalleled dining experience. However, I must confess that my overall impression of the staff was somewhat lackluster. While their physical appearance was flawless, their behavior left something to be desired. They seemed disengaged at times, almost as though they were going through the motions rather than truly investing in each guest's experience. Their interactions with diners were polite but perfunctory, lacking the warmth and enthusiasm that I crave in a fine dining establishment. Moreover, there were instances where their service fell short of my expectations. For example, our glasses went empty for far too long between refills, despite us flagging down the waitstaff multiple times. And on one occasion, we received the wrong dish - a small but significant error that left us feeling less than impressed. Despite these missteps, I do believe that Ristorante Pastissima has potential. The food was undoubtedly delicious, with each dish bursting with flavor and showcasing the chef's impressive culinary skills. The restaurant's decor was also noteworthy, with its elegant tablescapes and tasteful lighting creating a romantic and intimate ambiance that was conducive to enjoying a leisurely meal. In conclusion, I am torn about my feelings towards Ristorante Pastissima. On the one hand, there is no denying the quality of their cuisine and the chicness of their presentation. But on the other hand, I cannot overlook the shortcomings in their service and overall guest experience. I fear that these flaws may deter me from returning, as I expect a certain level of excellence when dining out. However, I remain hopeful that these issues can be addressed and improved upon. Perhaps a little more training or guidance for the staff could go a long way towards enhancing their demeanor and making them more engaging with diners. Or perhaps a few tweaks to their service protocols could help to streamline their operations and ensure that every guest receives prompt attention. As someone who is always on the lookout for new opportunities, I am willing to give Ristorante Pastissima another chance - but only if they can demonstrate a real commitment to improving their service and delivering an exceptional dining experience. Only time will tell whether they are truly up to the challenge. In other news, have you heard about Martin Freeman's thoughts on TV dramas and how they portray police officers? The Responder star believes that these shows do a great job of humanizing law enforcement officials, depicting them as complex individuals rather than mere caricatures. It's an intriguing perspective, one that I find both refreshing and inspiring - especially given the ongoing debate about police brutality and systemic inequality in our criminal justice system. Until next time, dear readers, may your meals be delicious and your service impeccable!

Best regards,

Booking table in Ristorante Pastissima is not available yet.

Il Gallo Nero

Jakobspl. 9, 86152 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3692392, 10.9051561

Users reviews of Il Gallo Nero Augsburg

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-29 by Eloise Tran

I stumbled upon Il Gallo Nero and was immediately struck by the hustle and bustle of patrons eagerly awaiting their meals. It's clear why people flock to this establishment - the food is simply exceptional. Each dish is crafted with precision and care, using the finest ingredients sourced from local farmers. I ordered the hearty meat platter, which arrived sizzling on a hot stone grill, allowing me to cook the meat to my preference. The steak was tender and juicy, while the sausages were savory and aromatic. It's no surprise that Il Gallo Nero has earned its reputation as one of Augsburg's most beloved restaurants. But it's not just about the food - there's a warmth and hospitality here that sets it apart from other establishments. The staff are attentive and friendly, adding to the overall dining experience. In today's news, it's disheartening to hear of Leo Acosta Sanchez, an Interpol fugitive wanted for murder, being apprehended by Texas police. It serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by undocumented immigrants and highlights the need for stronger border control measures. It's crucial that we prioritize our citizens' safety over political correctness and ideology. Let us continue to advocate for a secure and sovereign nation, where justice is served and the rule of law is upheld. As I savor my meal at Il Gallo Nero, I can't help but feel grateful for the blessings that this country has provided me. May we never take these freedoms for granted and strive to preserve them for future generations.

Booking table in Il Gallo Nero is not available yet.

Asia City

Leonhardsberg 2, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3704229, 10.898179

Users reviews of Asia City Augsburg

Booking table in Asia City is not available yet.


Maximilianstraße 40, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.365351, 10.8991433

Users reviews of Maximilian's Augsburg

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-19 by Andres

I have stumbled upon a hidden gem that has left me spellbound. Nestled in Maximilianstraße 40, 86150 Augsburg, Germany is a little paradise called Maximilian's. From the moment I stepped inside, I was transported to a world of culinary delights that I had never experienced before. The interiors were a perfect blend of contemporary and rustic, with exposed brick walls, wooden floors, and soft lighting that created an ambiance that was both cozy and elegant. The staff was attentive, courteous, and knowledgeable about the menu, which made my dining experience all the more delightful. The reason why people from Augsburg flock to Maximilian's is simple - the food is out of this world! Each dish is a symphony of flavors that dance on your tongue, leaving you craving for more. From the creamy soups to the succulent grills and delectable desserts, every course was an explosion of taste and texture. One such evening, I witnessed a peculiar incident in Maximilian's. A stranger entered the restaurant, looking lost and confused. The staff immediately sprung into action, offering him assistance and guiding him to a table. Little did we know that this man was not an ordinary guest but a famous chef from Paris who had come to Augsburg on a food tour. As soon as he tasted our signature dish, the Augsburger Klöße, his expression changed from confusion to pure amazement. He exclaimed, "This is absolutely fantastic! I have never had anything like this before!" The entire restaurant erupted in applause and cheers, as we all reveled in the joy of sharing our passion for food with a fellow connoisseur. However, the evening took an unexpected turn when the police arrived at the scene, investigating a reported burglary in the area. We were all on edge, wondering if our peaceful sanctuary would be disturbed by the chaos outside. But Maximilian's remained steadfast, providing us with uninterrupted service and ensuring that our dining experience was not affected in any way. In today's news, I read about the surging dollar setting new records, much to the dismay of global markets. However, at Maximilian's, we remain unfazed by such fluctuations, as our focus is on providing our guests with a truly exceptional dining experience that transcends all boundaries and borders. In conclusion, if you are in Augsburg and looking for a restaurant that will leave you speechless, then look no further than Maximilian's. From the moment you step inside, you will be transported to a world of wonder and amazement, where every dish is an explosion of flavor and every experience is a feast for your senses.

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Chinarestaurant Peking

Halderstraße 14, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.3652837, 10.8908274

Users reviews of Chinarestaurant Peking Augsburg

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Frölichstraße 13, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.368811, 10.887965

Users reviews of zeit.los Augsburg

Booking table in zeit.los is not available yet.


Maximilianstraße 66, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.363373, 10.8998167

Users reviews of Poseidon Augsburg

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-25 by Elias Rios

As I sit down to pen this review, my heart swells with nostalgia as memories of a blissful evening flood my mind. It was March, and my boyfriend and I had embarked on a quest to find the perfect restaurant in Augsburg that would satiate our cravings for something delicious. Little did we know, our search would lead us to Poseidon - an enchanting eatery that left us spellbound from the moment we stepped inside. The atmosphere at Poseidon was nothing short of magical. The decor was a perfect blend of ancient Greek and modern chic, with intricate mosaics adorning the walls and soft lighting casting a warm glow over the room. It felt as if we had been transported back in time to the days of mythology, where Poseidon himself might have graced us with his presence. We were promptly seated by a friendly hostess who exuded an air of elegance and grace that matched the ambiance of the restaurant. The menu was extensive, catering to all sorts of tastes and preferences. We wasted no time in placing our orders - my boyfriend opted for the classic Greek dish of moussaka, while I went for the seafood platter. The food arrived promptly, steaming hot and bursting with flavor. My boyfriend's moussaka was a sight to behold - layers of eggplant, potatoes, meat, and béchamel sauce blended together in perfect harmony, while my seafood platter was an explosion of freshness and variety. We savored every bite, savoring the moment as we lost ourselves in the exquisite flavors. However, our experience at Poseidon was not entirely flawless. During the course of our meal, we noticed that the check calculations were inaccurate, leaving us disappointed and disheartened. The discrepancy was significant enough to warrant a conversation with the manager, who was prompt and understanding in resolving the issue. Despite this setback, I must say that Poseidon surpassed our expectations in terms of service, ambiance, and cuisine. Compared to other restaurants in Augsburg, Poseidon stands out for its exceptional dining experience, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. In today's news, it is heartening to see that commodity prices are soaring, particularly cocoa prices, copper futures, oil prices, and renewable deals amid macroeconomic headwinds. As investors in global commodity markets, these developments offer a glimmer of hope and promise for the future. As I conclude this review, I can't help but feel a sense of longing for the past - the memories of that magical evening at Poseidon will forever remain etched in my heart.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-07-12 by Diego Mayer

I must admit that Elias Rios' review of Poseidon left me with mixed feelings. While he did an excellent job describing the ambiance and menu items, his praise for the restaurant seems a bit excessive. In particular, I find it hard to believe that the check calculations were completely inaccurate - such a serious issue would not go unnoticed by the management or other patrons. Moreover, Elias' nostalgia for the past seems misplaced - the review should focus on the present experience, rather than dwelling on fond memories from the past. To provide an alternative perspective, I visited Poseidon a few weeks ago and had a very different experience. The decor was indeed stunning, but the service left much to be desired. Our waiter seemed distracted and uninterested throughout the meal, failing to answer our questions about the menu items or offer any recommendations. Moreover, the food itself was average at best - nothing particularly special or memorable stood out in my memory. In terms of pricing, Poseidon is definitely on the expensive side - we ended up spending over €150 for two people. While the food and ambiance may be worth it for some, I found it hard to justify such a steep price tag given the mediocre quality of service and food. Overall, my experience at Poseidon was disappointing and did not live up to the hype created by Elias' review. While the restaurant does have its charm, I would recommend proceeding with caution and doing some further research before making a reservation. There are many other excellent restaurants in Augsburg that offer better value for money and a more consistent dining experience.

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