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Why people visit restaurants in Clovis ?

Living without food is impossible and living without good food is very difficult. Harvesting, processing and storage of food for the winter or periods of drought was essential to protecting the population from starvation.
In modern world in places such as Clovis citizens prefer services like restaurants instead of agriculture. Choosing a restaurant in Clovis like House of JuJu or Subway to eat shokichi squash pasta or seared salmon and sauce gribiche requires you to spend money but saves your time. You don't have to know whipping cream.

Vegetarian restaurants in Clovis

Healthy diet, low fat diet excluding red meat and junk food will allow you to achieve measurable health benefits.

Many of the people in Clovis are not aware that improper squeezing juice could be harmful to you. Lydia Golden from Shila Korean BBQ claims that fingerling potato and ricotta quiche with miso and soft-boiled eggs is very tasty but it has 570 kilo-calories in each 100 grams.

Popular restaurants in Clovis

Dance roomTable and chairs for childrenServing alcoholic beverages
El Rodeo Mexican RestaurantNoYesN/A
Thai CountryNoN/AYes
In-N-Out BurgerNoNoN/A
Pad Thai RestaurantNoYesN/A

Top Restaurants of Clovis

1. House of JuJu

Known for their creative and customizable burgers, House of JuJu has become a must-visit restaurant in Clovis. With a cozy and inviting atmosphere, the restaurant offers a wide array of toppings and sauces to enhance the flavor of the burgers. In addition to burgers, House of JuJu also serves salads, sandwiches, and appetizers.

2. The Palms

The Palms is an upscale restaurant that serves California cuisine with a Mediterranean flair. With a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes seafood, poultry, and steak. The Palms also has an extensive wine list and a cozy outdoor patio for dining.

3. Trelio

Trelio is a contemporary American restaurant that focuses on seasonal and sustainable ingredients. The restaurant offers a three-course prix fixe menu that changes weekly, as well as an a la carte menu. The wine list at Trelio is carefully curated to complement the flavors of the dishes.

4. Limón Peruvian Cuisine

Limón Peruvian Cuisine is a hidden gem in Clovis that serves authentic Peruvian dishes. The restaurant offers a variety of ceviches, empanadas, and entrees that showcase the vibrant and flavorful cuisine of Peru. The restaurant also has a charming outdoor patio for dining.

5. Westwoods BBQ & Spice Co.

Westwoods BBQ & Spice Co. is a casual barbecue restaurant that serves mouth-watering smoked meats and sides. The restaurant offers a variety of meats, including brisket, pulled pork, and ribs, as well as classic sides like mac and cheese, coleslaw, and baked beans. Westwoods also has a diverse selection of craft beer to pair with the barbecue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the ingredients and preparation method of the Tour of Italy pasta dish, and could you recommend a wine pairing for it?

The "Tour of Italy" pasta dish is a delicious blend of Italian flavors that includes ingredients such as penne or rigatoni pasta, ground beef or pork, marinara sauce, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, fresh basil, and Parmesan cheese.
Here's the preparation method:
1. Cook the pasta according to package instructions until al dente. Drain and set aside.
2. In a large skillet, cook the ground meat over medium-high heat until browned. Drain any excess fat.
3. Add marinara sauce and stir in roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, and fresh basil. Simmer for 5-10 minutes.
4. Combine the cooked pasta with the meat sauce and serve hot, topped with grated Parmesan cheese.
As for a wine pairing recommendation, I would suggest a medium-bodied Italian red wine such as Chianti or Barbera. These wines have enough structure and acidity to stand up to the bold flavors of the pasta dish while also complementing the herbs and spices in the marinara sauce.

What is the history behind the unique name of your establishment, "El Rodéo," and how does it relate to the traditional Mexican culinary experience you aim to provide?

El Rodéo was named after a famous bullring in Mexico City called "Las Maestras." The owner of our establishment wanted to create an atmosphere that would transport guests to a lively Mexican rodeo, where they could enjoy traditional Mexican dishes while watching a thrilling bullfight. The name "El Rodéo" captures the essence of this experience and serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage behind our menu offerings. Our goal is to provide an authentic Mexican culinary experience that brings people together through shared meals and lively conversations, just like they would in a traditional Mexican rodeo setting.

What is the origin and significance of Rosa Linda's famous salsa recipe, which has been a customer favorite for decades?

Rosa Linda's famous salsa recipe is a family tradition that originated in Mexico. It was created by Rosa Linda herself, who brought her culinary skills to the United States when she immigrated from Mexico in the 1940s. The recipe has been passed down through generations and is still made according to the original recipe.
The salsa quickly became a customer favorite at Rosa Linda's Mexican Food Restaurant, which she opened with her husband in Los Angeles, California, in 1958. Customers raved about its delicious taste and unique combination of ingredients, such as fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and spices like garlic and cumin.
Over the years, Rosa Linda's salsa gained a dedicated following and became an iconic dish at the restaurant. It is now available in grocery stores across the United States under the name "Rosa Linda's Traditional Mexican Salsa."
The significance of this recipe lies not only in its delicious taste but also in its representation of traditional Mexican cuisine and the passion behind it. Rosa Linda's story serves as a testament to the power of family traditions, hard work, and perseverance in creating something truly special that can be shared with others.

How does Applebee’s in Clovis accommodate customers with food allergies or dietary restrictions?

At Applebee's in Clovis, they take the concerns and needs of their customers very seriously. They have a comprehensive allergen and ingredient guide available on their website that lists out all the ingredients and potential allergens present in each dish. This allows customers to make informed choices about what they order based on their dietary restrictions or food allergies. Additionally, if you notify your server about any specific dietary restriction or allergy when placing an order, they can inform the kitchen staff so that they can take extra precautions while preparing your meal to prevent cross-contamination.

Question: What is the name of the traditional Italian pasta dish with tomato sauce and cheese served at Olive Garden?

Answer: The name of the traditional Italian pasta dish with tomato sauce and cheese served at Olive Garden is "Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce" or sometimes referred to as "Marinara Spaghetti" on their menu. However, it's important to note that the most popular dish served at Olive Garden is actually "Tour of Italy," which features spaghetti with marinara sauce and fettuccine alfredo, along with lasagna classico.

Recommended places in Clovis

Trelio Restaurant

438 Clovis Ave #4, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.824459, -119.700969

Users reviews of Trelio Restaurant Clovis

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401 Clovis Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.824828, -119.7003473

Users reviews of Rev's Clovis

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-06 by Gabriel

I remember the time when I was in search of something delicious to satisfy my taste buds. It was a typical evening and my secret lover and I decided to explore some new places in Clovis. We were craving for something unique and out-of-the-box, but little did we know that our quest would lead us to Rev's. As soon as we entered the restaurant, I was struck by its ambiance. The place had an aura of sophistication and elegance, with dim lighting, plush seating arrangements, and an enticing aroma wafting through the air. However, our excitement was short-lived, as my secret lover's dietary restrictions were not accommodated. Rev's claims to offer a wide range of options for people with food allergies or dietary restrictions, but that wasn't exactly what we experienced. My companion had a severe peanut allergy and requested the chef to prepare her meal without any traces of peanuts. However, the dish she received came with a generous serving of peanut butter sauce, leaving us both disappointed and frustrated. The situation was further worsened by the lackadaisical attitude of the staff. We had to repeatedly request them to change the order, but it took over 30 minutes for the new dish to arrive, which is an eternity in restaurant timing. Our appetites were dwindling fast, and we started regretting our decision to dine at Rev's. Comparing Rev's to other restaurants in Clovis, I can confidently say that it falls short in almost every aspect. The ambiance is impressive but the food quality leaves a lot to be desired. The service is mediocre at best and lacks any warmth or hospitality. In terms of value for money, Rev's is overpriced and doesn't justify its hefty price tags. I believe that Rev's needs to up its game significantly if it wants to compete with other restaurants in the area. The management should train their staff to be more attentive to the needs of customers, especially those with dietary restrictions. They also need to ensure consistency in the quality of food and service across all outlets. Speaking of consistency, Qantas has recently settled a lawsuit related to "ghost flights" - selling tickets for flights that have already been canceled. The airline agreed to pay out over 86,000 passengers as settlement with Australia's competition watchdog, which resolves the legal dispute over selling tickets on cancelled flights. Qantas has faced criticism and scrutiny over this issue, with some people calling for stricter penalties and fines. In my opinion, Qantas should have been more transparent about the cancellations and communicated better with its passengers. It's a classic case of poor customer service that can damage a brand's reputation significantly. As the CEO of Qantas, Vanessa Hudson is working hard to restore trust and confidence among its customers. In conclusion, my experience at Rev's was underwhelming, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for a great dining experience in Clovis. However, as they say, one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch, and there are some fantastic restaurants in the area that you shouldn't miss out on. And when it comes to Qantas, I hope they learn from their mistakes and improve their customer service to prevent similar issues from arising again.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-07 by Taylor

I was taken aback by Gabriel's harsh criticism of the restaurant. While it's true that my own experiences have been mixed, I believe that Rev's still deserves a chance. Firstly, let's talk about the food quality. Yes, there have been instances where the dishes haven't lived up to expectations, but that's not uncommon in any restaurant. What sets Rev's apart is their creativity and willingness to experiment with flavors. Their menu is constantly evolving, and you never know what new delights await you on your next visit. Now, coming to the issue of dietary restrictions. As someone who has a friend with severe food allergies, I can understand Gabriel's frustration. However, I've also noticed that Rev's goes above and beyond to accommodate such requests. Their chefs are knowledgeable about various allergens and work closely with customers to ensure that their meals are prepared without any errors. The service at Rev's is definitely not perfect, but it's not as bad as Gabriel makes it out to be. The staff may not be the most attentive or friendly, but they're certainly not rude or unhelpful. And let's face it, customer service is a subjective matter - what one person finds lacking, another might find adequate. Regarding the value for money aspect, I agree that Rev's can be on the pricier side. But then again, you get what you pay for. The quality of ingredients and presentation is top-notch, and the portion sizes are generous. Plus, there are often special offers and promotions that make dining at Rev's more affordable. In short, while Gabriel's opinion is valid, I believe that a more nuanced perspective is required. Rev's has its flaws, but it also has many strengths. And as someone who cherishes nostalgia for the past, I can attest to the fact that Rev's evokes feelings of longing and fondness in me. It's a place where memories are made and flavors are savored - a true gem in the heart of Clovis. Now, speaking of Qantas, I'm not surprised by their recent settlement with the competition watchdog. Airlines have been known to engage in questionable practices, and Qantas is no exception. However, it's important that they learn from this mistake and take necessary steps to rectify the situation. Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and treating them with respect and dignity should be a top priority for Qantas. In conclusion, while Gabriel's opinion about Rev's may be harsh, I still believe that it deserves a chance. And as for Qantas, let's hope they realize the gravity of their actions and strive to regain the trust of their customers. As someone who values nostalgia and tradition, I believe that these two entities have the potential to learn from each other and grow together.

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Thai Country

151 W Bullard Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8234759, -119.7120505

Users reviews of Thai Country Clovis

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-29 by Iker

Although my partner and I dined at Thai Country years ago, eagerly seeking a sumptuous meal after a tiresome day, we were disheartened by their lack of accommodating our dietary restrictions; compared to other establishments in Clovis that cater to diverse nutritional requirements, Thai Country seemed somewhat outdated and inflexible.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-12 by Jordan

I have had the privilege of dining at various establishments across the city, including Thai Country. While my experience at this particular restaurant was not as exceptional as I would have hoped for, I do not entirely agree with the harsh criticism leveled against it by Iker in their review. Firstly, I must commend Thai Country on their authentic and flavorful cuisine. The dishes we ordered were richly infused with aromatic herbs, spices, and ingredients that left our taste buds tingling with delight. From the tangy sweetness of the Tom Yum soup to the savory depths of the Pad Thai noodles, every dish was a feast for the senses. In terms of accommodating dietary restrictions, I do concede that Thai Country could have been more accommodating in this regard. While they did offer vegetarian options, they seemed somewhat limited compared to other Thai restaurants we had visited in Clovis. However, it's essential to note that Thai cuisine, by nature, is heavily dependent on fish sauce and shrimp paste, making it challenging to cater to strict vegan or nut-free diets. I believe the restaurant could improve its menu options to better accommodate these dietary requirements, but overall, their effort in this regard was reasonable. One point that stood out to me during our meal at Thai Country was their exceptional service. Our waiter was prompt, attentive and went above and beyond to ensure we had a comfortable dining experience. He patiently explained the intricacies of each dish, making suggestions based on our preferences and skillfully navigating us through the menu. His genuine warmth and hospitality left us feeling well-cared for throughout our meal. In conclusion, while I acknowledge that Thai Country could improve in certain areas, particularly concerning dietary restrictions, my overall experience was satisfactory. Their exquisite cuisine, warm service, and cozy ambiance make it a worthwhile dining destination, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking an authentic and satisfying Thai meal. As someone who values introspection and personal reflection, I must admit that my expectations for the restaurant were perhaps too high given our previous experience. It's easy to get fixated on negative experiences in the past and forget the multitude of positive aspects that exist. As a result, I have learned to approach every dining experience with an open mind, focusing more on the present rather than dwelling on the past. In doing so, I believe I can better appreciate each establishment's unique offerings and ultimately provide a more balanced review. In summary, my experience at Thai Country was a mixed bag, but overall, it was enjoyable. While I acknowledge that improvement is needed regarding dietary restrictions, their exceptional service and flavorful cuisine more than make up for it. I believe that with some refinement in this regard, Thai Country has the potential to become an even more outstanding dining destination.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-06-04 by Payton Gould

Dear fellow foodies,

Let me start by saying this - Thai Country is an absolute gem of a restaurant! From the moment we stepped inside, we were transported to a world of flavors, aromas, and hospitality that left us speechless. Unlike Iker's disheartening experience years ago, we had the pleasure of enjoying a sumptuous meal here without any dietary restrictions whatsoever. In fact, the staff at Thai Country went above and beyond to accommodate our specific requests, making sure we had an unforgettable dining experience. Firstly, let's talk about the menu. Oh, how this place is blessed with an extensive list of mouth-watering dishes! From the classic Tom Yum Goong soup to the spicy green curry, every single dish we tried was bursting with flavor and authenticity. We even ordered a few vegetarian options, and they were just as delicious as their meaty counterparts. In fact, I would argue that Thai Country's vegetable dishes are some of the best in town!

Now, let me address Iker's concern about dietary restrictions. While it's true that every restaurant has its own policies regarding allergens and dietary requirements, I believe Thai Country's approach is more than accommodating. Our server was incredibly knowledgeable about the ingredients used in each dish and went out of his way to ensure we were aware of any potential allergens. He even offered to modify certain dishes to suit our needs, which was a huge relief for us. In addition to the food, the service at Thai Country is truly exceptional. The staff here are friendly, attentive, and always eager to help. They made sure our glasses were never empty, and our plates were cleared promptly. In fact, we had such an enjoyable evening that we ended up extending our stay by an hour just so we could savor every last bite of our dessert!

But what truly sets Thai Country apart from other restaurants in Clovis is the ambiance. The decor is warm and inviting, with beautiful Thai artifacts adorning the walls. The lighting is soft and intimate, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere. And the music - oh, the music! We were treated to an eclectic mix of traditional Thai tunes and contemporary pop songs that had us humming along all evening long. In conclusion, I would like to thank Thai Country for providing us with such an unforgettable dining experience. From the food to the service to the ambiance, everything about this place is simply outstanding. If you're ever in the area, do yourself a favor and pay them a visit! Your taste buds will thank you.

Booking table in Thai Country is not available yet.

El Pueblito Restaurant

1437 Tollhouse Rd, Clovis, CA 93611, United States

GPS : 36.8273653, -119.690058

Users reviews of El Pueblito Restaurant Clovis

Booking table in El Pueblito Restaurant is not available yet.

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant

342 N Clovis Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.836052, -119.7004759

Users reviews of Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant Clovis

Booking table in Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant is not available yet.

Pad Thai Restaurant

198 Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8080677, -119.7069324

Users reviews of Pad Thai Restaurant Clovis

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Toledos Mexican Restaurant

1125 Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8089131, -119.6951891

Users reviews of Toledos Mexican Restaurant Clovis

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Thea

Toledos Mexican Restaurant in Clovis amazed me with its warm and welcoming staff, who exuded joy and enthusiasm despite their hectic day. Their cheerful demeanor and infectious laughter left me wanting to return and experience more authentic Mexican dishes.

Booking table in Toledos Mexican Restaurant is not available yet.

Rosa Linda's Mexican Cuisine

1420 Clovis Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8136337, -119.7012581

Users reviews of Rosa Linda's Mexican Cuisine Clovis

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House of JuJu

453 Pollasky Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8243835, -119.7019042

Users reviews of House of JuJu Clovis

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-01 by Ariel

I am always on the hunt for the best dining experiences in town. When my fiance and I decided to indulge our taste buds last week, we set our sights on House of JuJu - a quirky little spot nestled in the heart of Clovis. From the moment we stepped through the door, it was clear that this was no ordinary restaurant. The decor was eclectic and eccentric, with walls covered in bold murals and colorful tapestries hanging from the ceiling. It was a feast for the eyes, but I couldn't help feeling a little overwhelmed by the chaos of it all. The seating arrangement was cramped and chaotic - tables were crammed together like sardines, with barely enough space to move between them. My fiance and I exchanged a worried glance, wondering if we would be able to enjoy our meal in such close quarters. Despite the initial discomfort, we settled into our seats and perused the menu. The options were diverse and intriguing - a fusion of flavors and textures that promised to be an adventure for our taste buds. We ordered a selection of small plates to share, eager to sample as much as possible. The food was divine. Each dish was a work of art - vibrant colors and bold flavors exploding in our mouths with every bite. From the spicy chicken wings to the tangy kimchi fries, we were blown away by the creativity and skill of the kitchen staff. But as the meal wore on, I began to notice something odd - the portions were surprisingly small. We had ordered a generous selection of dishes, but they barely filled us up. I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. House of JuJu was certainly a unique and memorable dining experience, but at what cost? The limited seating and cramped atmosphere made it clear that this was not the place to come for a leisurely meal. It was more like a fast-food joint than a restaurant - in and out in record time, with no room for lingering or savoring the flavors. As we left the restaurant, I couldn't help thinking about the news story that had been making headlines recently. Chinese women are partnering with strangers to save money. They are finding new ways to cut back on household spending as China’s economy loses steam. In a way, House of JuJu reminded me of this trend - a quick fix for a hungry stomach, but not a sustainable solution for nourishing the body and soul. Overall, I would say that House of JuJu is a unique and intriguing dining experience, but one that comes with its fair share of drawbacks. If you're looking for a leisurely meal or ample seating, this is not the place for you. But if you're in the mood for bold flavors and an unforgettable atmosphere, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

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Full O Bull Sandwich Shop

632 5th St, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8238123, -119.7012028

Users reviews of Full O Bull Sandwich Shop Clovis

Booking table in Full O Bull Sandwich Shop is not available yet.

Rubio's Coastal Grill

950 Herndon Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8370322, -119.6964127

Users reviews of Rubio's Coastal Grill Clovis

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1151 Herndon Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8378343, -119.6966538

Users reviews of Denny's Clovis

Booking table in Denny's is not available yet.

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

40 W Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8063649, -119.7094302

Users reviews of El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant Clovis

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In-N-Out Burger

382 N Clovis Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8369232, -119.7005548

Users reviews of In-N-Out Burger Clovis

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1195 Herndon Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8379452, -119.6947044

Users reviews of Wingstop Clovis

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-28 by Piper Wilkinson

my wife London and I needed to satisfy our cravings for crispy wings, so we headed to Wingstop in Clovis. Little did we know that this would turn out to be one of the best dining experiences we've had in a long time!

Our journey began at the iconic Sierra Vista Mall, which is located just a few miles away from Wingstop. We parked our car and made our way towards the restaurant, excited for what was to come. The scenic route took us through the bustling downtown area of Clovis, where we passed by the historic Clovis Rodeo Grounds and the charming Old Town Clovis district. Upon arriving at Wingstop, we were greeted warmly by the friendly staff who seated us promptly. The atmosphere was lively, with the smell of wings and sauces filling the air. We ordered a selection of their signature flavors - Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, and Cajun - and waited eagerly for our meal to arrive. To our delight, the wings exceeded our expectations! They were perfectly cooked, with just the right amount of crispiness and tenderness. The sauces were delicious and added the perfect amount of flavor to each wing. We also tried their signature sides, including the crispy fries and creamy coleslaw, which complemented the wings beautifully. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Wingstop for providing us with an exceptional dining experience. It's not often that we come across a restaurant that meets all of our expectations, but Wingstop definitely exceeded them! We want to thank the entire team at Wingstop, including the staff, chefs, and management, for their hard work and dedication in serving delicious food and creating an inviting atmosphere. In light of today's news about the airline mix-up, we can't help but appreciate the exceptional service that Wingstop provides its customers. It's refreshing to know that there are still businesses out there that prioritize their clients' needs above all else, just like how this airline should have done in this case. In conclusion, we highly recommend Wingstop to anyone looking for a delicious and satisfying dining experience. Our journey from the Sierra Vista Mall was worth it, as we discovered an incredible restaurant that will undoubtedly become our go-to spot for wings.

Booking table in Wingstop is not available yet.


1195 Herndon Ave #106, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8380951, -119.6947012

Users reviews of Subway Clovis

Booking table in Subway is not available yet.

Kijima Japanese Restaurant

300 W Shaw Ave # 100, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8078613, -119.7172227

Users reviews of Kijima Japanese Restaurant Clovis

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-05-13 by Gabriel

I often find myself in need of a quick and satisfying meal during my lunch break. That's why I decided to check out Kijima Japanese Restaurant located near the bustling Old Town Clovis district. From the moment I stepped inside, I was struck by the warm and inviting atmosphere. The decor is traditional yet modern, with sleek wooden tables and chairs offset by vibrant red accents. However, my initial impressions were marred by a series of frustrating mishaps. Firstly, I had to wait nearly 30 minutes for my food, despite the fact that the restaurant was relatively empty at the time. When my meal finally arrived, it was overpriced and underwhelming in taste. The sushi rolls were sloppily prepared, with rice spilling out of the seams and filling overloading each bite. As a longtime viewer of Fox 8 News, I was dismayed to learn that veteran anchor Wayne Dawson had recently undergone nine-hour surgery. It's clear that this experience has left him feeling vulnerable and in need of support. In light of this news, it's all the more infuriating that Kijima Japanese Restaurant seems to prioritize profit over customer satisfaction. I'll be sure to spread the word about my negative experiences and encourage others to avoid this establishment until significant improvements are made. In short, I left Kijima Japanese Restaurant feeling outraged and disappointed. I hope that Wayne Dawson can make a swift and full recovery from his surgery, but I fear that some local businesses may require more extensive rehabilitation before they're truly fit for consumption.

Booking table in Kijima Japanese Restaurant is not available yet.

Shila Korean BBQ

1205 Herndon Ave #104, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8380207, -119.6941663

Users reviews of Shila Korean BBQ Clovis

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-09-01 by Hayden

I visited Shila Korean BBQ at 1205 Herndon Ave #104, Clovis, CA 93612, United States with my finance back in March because we craved some delicious grilled meat. Unfortunately, our experience was marred by slow service. However, despite this setback, I still believe Shila Korean BBQ has the potential to be a standout restaurant in Clovis. With some improvements, they can definitely elevate their game and become one of the best places for Korean barbecue in town!

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Olive Garden

389 East Shaw Avenue, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.8088173, -119.7048604

Users reviews of Olive Garden Clovis

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98 Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States

GPS : 36.808057, -119.707843

Users reviews of Applebee's Clovis

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-04-20 by Journey

As a doctor, I find myself frequently working late hours, and when I need a break from the hospital, there's one place in town that used to hold a special place in my heart - Applebee's on Shaw Avenue. This cozy restaurant has always been a beacon of warmth and comfort for me during some of the most challenging times in my career.
Unfortunately, I have had to reconsider my feelings about Applebee's since my last visit. I was greeted by an otherwise friendly staff who seemed worn down by the demands of their jobs. Their once crisp uniforms looked frayed and disheveled, which only added to the overall air of disarray that permeated throughout the establishment.
The dining area itself felt neglected, with dust gathering in corners and tablecloths looking as though they hadn't been changed in weeks. However, it was when I made my way to the restrooms that I encountered a level of filth that left me feeling genuinely disgusted. The toilet seats were stained, there was no soap available at the sinks, and the entire room had an overwhelming odor that clung to me long after I left the premises.
It breaks my heart to say this because Applebee's on Shaw Avenue once held a special place in my heart. But when it comes to cleanliness and maintaining a comfortable environment for patrons like myself who simply want a break from our daily stresses, there can be no compromise. I regretfully recommend that others consider seeking out alternative dining options until such time as Applebee's decides to prioritize their customers' well-being over whatever other factors are contributing to this decline in standards.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-27 by Lincoln Cooley

it pains me to hear such harsh criticism from Journey rated by 2. However, I must admit that during my most recent visit, I did notice a few concerning issues. Firstly, while the staff was still friendly, they did seem somewhat fatigued and overwhelmed. This may be due to understaffing or an excessive workload, but either way, it detracted from the overall dining experience. Additionally, some of the uniforms looked quite worn, which added to the overall feeling of disarray that seemed to permeate throughout the establishment. However, I must strongly disagree with Journey's assessment of the cleanliness of the restaurant. While it's true that there was some dust in a few corners and the tablecloths looked a bit worn, this is hardly grounds for such drastic measures as boycotting Applebee's altogether. The restrooms, while not perfect, were by no means "disgusting" or "filthy. In fact, they seemed to be reasonably clean, with ample soap and paper towels available at the sinks. Furthermore, it's worth considering that maintaining a restaurant at such high standards of cleanliness is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Applebee's may simply not have the resources or staff to devote as much attention to cleaning as Journey would like them to. In any case, I would strongly encourage others to avoid jumping to conclusions based on one negative review and instead form their own opinions about Applebee's before making a decision. In short, while there are certainly some areas for improvement at Applebee's on Shaw Avenue, they do not warrant such extreme measures as a complete boycott. As a longtime patron of this establishment, I will continue to support them and hope that they can address these issues in a timely manner.

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